HEX’Perience: the 3 advantages of self-adhesive film for decoration

News / 2023, 12 May

The strengths of self-adhesive film for decoration

With its increasing popularity, you will see the advantages of self-adhesive film for decoration. It is a convenient, economical and easy to use alternative to transform the appearance of your shop, hotel or any other space. The HEX’PERIENCE range offers many design options. Its durability and quick and easy installation make self-adhesive film a first choice for professional decorators.

In this article we will review the three principal advantages of self-adhesive film for decoration. We will in particular be discussing its durability, its versatility, its quick and easy application, ease of maintenance and low cost. Whether you are looking to refresh a room or to completely transform a space, self-adhesive film for decoration offers endless possibilities to customise and enhance your environment. With the HEX’PERIENCE library, the possibilities for your decor are virtually limitless.

Self-adhesive film for decoration: quick and easy application

One of the principal advantages of self-adhesive film for decoration is its quick and easy application. Unlike paint or wallpaper, self-adhesive film for decoration does not require any special preparation. Indeed, with HEX’PERIENCE, there is no need for a fixing primer. All that is required is to clean the surface and apply the self-adhesive film with a suitable installation tool. Have a look at our SHAG application accessories for a tailor-made installation.

The quick application of self-adhesive film for decoration is also a major advantage. Particularly if you are under time pressure or if you want to transform your space quickly. Unlike paint, which requires several coats and several hours of drying, self-adhesive film for decoration can be applied in one single step. In addition, it can be used immediately after installation.

The use of self-adhesive film for decoration and in particular our HEX’PERIENCE range means choosing an alternative to complete renovation.

A wide variety of designs

One of the most interesting advantages of self-adhesive film for decoration is the wide variety of designs available. The HEX’PERIENCE library contains a wide variety of patterns:

  • light wood
  • Dark wood
  • cement tiles
  • wall paper
  • brick
  • concrete etc.

In addition, our different laminates allow you to choose the finish you like. With HEX’PERIENCE you can create the design that you want. Our patterns are suitable for all of our printing films, which is why they can be used on all types of surfaces. This is another advantage offered by self-adhesive film for decoration.

Easy customisation with self-adhesive film for decoration

The easy customisation afforded by self-adhesive film for decoration allows professionals to express themselves and bring their creativity to life. You can bring your spaces to life with our HEX’PERIENCE range in just a couple of steps. You need to identify the surface to be wrapped. Depending on the area, whether it is indoors or outdoors, whether it is a piece of furniture, a window, a floor… the printing film you are going to choose will be different.

Then you have to choose the pattern. Our library includes a wide variety of patterns. Once you have made your choice, you can choose the finish you want to give to your design:

  • satin
  • gloss
  • matt
  • wood effect
  • glitter effect
  • carbon
  • brushed aluminium etc.

Finally, the stage before printing is the customisation stage. Our designs are fully customisable, you can decide to add text, a graphic element to your design. This will make it unique. You can adapt our patterns to your corporate style. As you can see, self-adhesive film for decoration is an alternative to a complete renovation.

A cost-effective change of decoration

One of the most obvious advantages of self-adhesive film for decoration is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to the costs associated with paint, flooring or other decorating options, self-adhesive film is a much more economical option. First of all, with our solution, inventory is significantly reduced. Indeed, if you want to have several types of wood, you don’t need to buy a roll of light and dark wood. With our wood designs, you can change the shade as much as you want and print on HEXIS printing film.

Finally, self-adhesive film for decoration is also a durable solution. Indeed, you can recycle the furniture in your shop, for example, by simply changing its appearance. The films in the HEX’PERIENCE range offer up to 5 years of outdoor durability.

In conclusion, self-adhesive film presents for decoration provides numerous advantages for professionals looking to decorate their spaces. With its wide variety of designs, self-adhesive film for decoration can satisfy all tastes and styles of design. Its easy customisation allows you to create unique designs in your corporate colours. HEXIS printing films combined with HEX’PERIENCE patterns guarantee a perfect result for many years. This makes it an cost-effective choice for the long term.

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