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Quality and Environmental Policy


Under the leadership of the company’s CEO, Michel Mateu, HEXIS has integrated a large number of the values of sustainable development into the running of the company, particularly in the social field.

In parallel, HEXIS has made major investments in the last few years and has implemented actions to limit the impact of its activities on the environment.

Enhancing sustainable development has become a major issue for all economic players. Hexis is committed to good practices that balance the economic, social and environmental dimensions under each corporate goal.


Economic & Social aspects

Quality, durability and reliability

  • Growth policy: workforce and turnover under control
  • ISO 9001 certification: client satisfaction and quality of both products and services
  • Permanent improvement and innovation: considerable investment in R&D and production

Social performance framework

  • Non-discrimination hiring policy, recruitment of people in difficulty
  • Collaboration with the Centres d’Aide par le Travail (vocational support centres), patronage for handisport and humanitarian causes
  • Policy for local employment, with no foreign delocalisation
  • Training, information and incentives for the personnel

Environmental aspect

Conformity with the ICPE regulations (Installations classified for the protection of the environment).

In the context of the SEVESO 3 directive, HEXIS S.A has fulfilled its compliance requirements by integrating sections 4.

The aim of this directive is to prevent major industrial risks, and thus control them upstream through the implementation of preventive measures.

Reductions in atmospheric emissions, and heat recovery in partnership with the ADEME.

To achieve this, HEXIS has invested more than € 650,000 in equipment to improve off-gas processing from production by installing an incinerator for volatile organic compounds. This installation almost wholly eliminates the solvents used in the production processes and rejects only water and small quantities of volatile organic compounds.

In parallel, HEXIS periodically controls its atmospheric emissions in conformity with the regulations in force.

Eco-design of products and raising the awareness of suppliers of raw materials.

For example, the liners used in our products respect the environment in accordance with the standards EN13430 (recycling through material transformation), EN13431 (recycling through energy production), EN13428 (non presence of toxic substances), and EN13695 (non presence of heavy metals).

Recovery and recycling of waste, recycling of the plastic delivered with the reels

HEXIS pays particular attention to the follow-up of the dangerous waste produced daily by the various production processes. The follow-up, statistical analysis and reduction of this waste is a daily priority.

All the data collected make it possible to fill in the annual declaration for emissions and the transfer of pollutants and waste, the “GEREP”