Renew and decorate spaces with our HEX’PERIENCE patterns!

News / 2023, 7 September

Explore our library of large format, high definition, customised HEX’PERIENCE print files

Interior decoration and relooking of spaces are markets with strong growth. Do not wait any longer and you too, take part in the world of customisable decoration. HEXIS is the only manufacturer to offer you a library of customisable large-format print files. This way, you will be able to offer unique products and keep your stocks under control. The files are compatible with the textured laminates in the HEX’PERIENCE range, which will enable you to add more realism to your creations.

The HEX’PERIENCE range can save 50 to 70% of the cost of decorating or renovating with conventional materials. Your clients will be won over by the savings, speed of installation and exclusivity you can offer them.

Focus on the renovation of a cafeteria

We have given the interior and surfaces of our employees’ cafeteria a makeover by using patterns and textured laminates from the HEX’PERIENCE range.

Below you will find the product references used to do the relooking of the spaces:

  • Renovation of tables = LOUHANS pattern and PCWALL laminate
  • Renovation of worktops and buffet top = VENEZIA pattern and PUREZONE laminate
  • Wall covering = CHARLESTON pattern (modified) and V750M laminate

Our installer completed the makeover in just a few hours. So it is possible to quickly transform a space and completely change its appearance.

Why choose the HEX’PERIENCE range?

The range is designed to promote your work as a printer and give you added value. A customisable range which can be used on all substrates and for all your projects such as:

  • decoration
  • renovation
  • signage
  • wrapping

In addition, the HEX’PERIENCE range and HEXIS films can be used both indoors and outdoors. HEX’PERIENCE is the only range manufactured in France that can be recycled via our collection and recycling programme for HEXIS films.

No more limits to your creative imagination with HEXIS self-adhesive films and the HEX’PERIENCE range.  Do not hesitate to contact our teams for further information.

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