SHAG, the new wrapper’s buddy

News / 2024, 27 May

Wrapping is an art that requires precision equipment to guarantee optimum installation. Building on its many years of expertise in self-adhesive films, HEXIS continually develops its SHAG range of wrap tools, specially designed and adapted to the world of car wrapping and its specific requirements.

Step into the world of SHAG and explore the toolkit of the perfect installer!

SHAG is the unique high-performance range of wrap tools that combines all the essentials you need to make a success of all your car wrapping projects. It is a unique, high-performance package that brings together all the essential elements needed to successfully complete each of your full wrapping projects.

Precision wrap tools tailored to car wrapping

Wrapping is an art that requires precision equipment to guarantee an optimum installation, which means adapted tools. This is why SHAG offers you a whole range of essential wrap tools, designed to meet the specific needs of wrapping.

Performance and versatility with these wrap tools

Whether you are installing vinyl, solar films or vehicle protection film, SHAG tools have been devised to give you irreproachable results at every stage of your project.

Why use SHAG tools from HEXIS?

Through its many years of expertise HEXIS has established itself as a leader in the self-adhesive film industry. This is why the SHAG range reflects this commitment to both innovation and quality. The range provides installers with reliable, high-performance tools they will not want to do without.

Wrapping tools: SHAG, the all-in-one solution

Squeegees, cleaning liquids (SHAGREMOV, SHAGCLEAN), cutters, sprays, bubble-piercing pens, gloves… Each item in the SHAG range has been designed to make your work easier and improve the quality of your wrapping projects.

Choose precision, performance and quality with the SHAG range from HEXIS. All of our products will become your key allies for successful wrapping projects.

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