Decorative glass: discover adhesive films for glass decoratition

News / 2024, 27 February

Discover HEX’GLASS, our products for decorative glass, to give glass surfaces a new dimension: decorate, inform, secure.

Decorative glass: HEX’GLASS

What are the advantages of adhesive window film?

The benefits of HEX’GLASS durable, high-performance self-adhesive films:

  • Preserved privacy & brightness: offers privacy while allowing natural light to pass through
  • Visual appeal & Elegance: transforms glass into an architectural feature
  • Protection: preserves the condition of the glass against everyday wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Interior space decoration: can be applied to windows, doors and glass partitions (shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, banks, surgeries, clinics, town halls, schools, spas etc.)
  • Economical: reproduces the different textures of glass on a self-adhesive film, for budget-friendly decoration projects


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