Welcome to the ICC profile download section.

In order to give the best customer support and ensure that you obtain the best printing results, Hexis provides a number of tools and recommendations for the use of our products.

In this section you will find an extensive data base of ICC profiles corresponding to a large number of printer/RIP/ink/media configurations.

These ICC colour profiles a provided free of charge.

Hexis declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from the installation and the use of these ICC profiles.

The user is solely and entirely responsible for the printing quality and the colorimetric precision obtained withe the help of these profiles.

These profiles were developed by our colorimetrics specialists in our digital printing department. They are precise only for a given illuminant (standard illuminant), for the printer with which they were developed and for the ambient temperatures and the relative humidity corresponding to their set up. Indeed, certain parameters may change from one printer to another, but also in relation to environmental conditions which have important consequences on the printing quality.

The user must be aware that an ICC profile for an output peripheral does not work independently. It is only one tool amongst others in the digital imaging chain which allows him to master colour handling and the correct use requires solid knowledge of colour management.

For further information regarding the correct use of these profiles and what to expect of them, we invite you to consult our Technical Bulletin “How to make good use of ICC colour profiles” below.