How do I choose the right building solar film ?

News / 2024, 19 May

Why use solar film for buildings?

Solar films for buildings are designed to optimise thermal comfort of indoor spaces. To meet environmental challenges and limit seasonal discomfort for users, HEXIS launches a range of tinted films combining visual appeal, protection and innovation. Solar protection films provide an effective solution for reducing excessive heat while preserving natural light. Indeed, the use of a solar film not only allows you to adjust the ambient temperature but also reduces overheating, thus creating a more pleasant and energy-efficient environment.

You can choose your solar film for buildings according to the following criteria

To choose a solar film for buildings, you need to take into account certain criteria:

  • Tint of the film
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • The type of glazing (single, double or triple glazing, tinted or not)
  • The durability

For further information on the method of installation and removal of these HEXIS products, please consult our Practical Sheets.

What are the advantages of using a solar protection film?

  • Reflects and absorbs part of the solar infrared radiation
  • Monitoring temperatures
  • Reducing glare
  • Preserving visual comfort
  • Absorbs ultraviolet rays
  • Provides long-term protection (depending on the type of film, its exposure, the geographical area)
  • Comes in a number of effects (neutral, mirror, tinted, coloured, gradient, dichroic)

Choose performance and versatility by investing in HEXIS solar films for buildings:

Solar protection films, indoor installation:

Solar protection films for buildings, outdoor installation:

HEXIS has developed several ranges of solar films that offer numerous advantages. These solar films act as a thermal barrier in all seasons.

Due to their advanced technology, the solar protection films for buildings in the SKYLINE range allow you to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. In addition to their efficiency these solar films add a visually appealing dimension by improving appearance. Do not hesitate any longer, come and find out about our new SKYLINE solar protection range in our shop.

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