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Protective film car bodywork satin finish

Protective film for car bodywork – BODYFENCEXS

The latest addition to the BODYFENCE® range, with its satin finish, is BODYFENCEXS, protective film for car bodywork. It’s a transparent adhesive film, self-healing at ambient temperature. BODYFENCEXS has been specially developed to protect your car’s bodywork. Its excellent shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against :

  • chips caused by stones
  • insects
  • car doors
  • washing brushes, etc

BODYFENCEXS is equipped by X-technology and a satin finish. When a scratch damages your paintwork, the protective films in the BODYFENCE® range regenerate themselves using the heat of the sun or hot water.

Why choose BODYFENCEXS protective film?

X technology is phenomenal and revolutionary. Among other things, it provides immediate self-healing, enhanced resistance to hydrocarbon stains and an improved hydrophobic effect. Whatever the season, roads are sometimes loaded with gravels that can become projectiles damaging your car’s paintwork. What’s more, the protective films in the BODYFENCE® range have a non-stick agent in their composition. As a result, dust and dirt are much less likely to cling to your bodywork.

Protect your car’s bodywork with our satin finish by choosing BODYFENCEXS.

Protective films for car bodywork of the BODYFENCE® range are:

  • anti chipping
  • self healing
  • self cleaning

All these characteristics make BODYFENCEXS the product of choice for protecting even the lightest bodywork. Give your car bodywork maximum resistance to everyday soiling.

Characteristics of the self-adhesive films of the BODYFENCE® range

BODYFENCE® films are used to protect car’s bodywork. BODYFENCEXS will protect your car from:

  • outdoor pollution (graffiti, water stains, dust)
  • minor scratches
  • strong scratches
  • acid rain and oxidation
  • bird droppings
  • gravel

How to install a BODYFENCE PPF film?

To apply your BODYFENCE PPF film, you need to make sure that the surface to be wrapped is spotless and free of bumps. To learn more about how to apply body protection film for professional results, follow this tutorial.

Roll sizes

615, 1520mm

These widths and lengths are not available in all countries. Please enquire for further details.


BODYFENCE automotive protection film
Solvent-based acrylic
Solvent-based acrylic
Silicone-coated PET liner


Car's bodywork

More information

To receive sample sheets of our products in A4 or A5 size, swatch books or colour charts, please contact your local distributor. Our data sheets can be downloaded from our website, section « professionals ». They contain a precise technical description of our products. Producs specifications are liable to change and we recommend you check this section regulary.