How to install a BODYFENCE PPF film?

News / 2022, 29 April

What do you use to apply your BODYFENCE? Soapy water or HEXIS Gel? This tutorial will help you determine the right solution for the right use. Tutorial produced by our teams at the HEXIS Training Centre.

To start with, to apply your BODYFENCE PPF film, you need to make sure that the surface to be wrapped is:

  • Spotless
  • Free of bumps

To achieve this, you can use our SHAG cleaning products:

The adhesion capacity of the BODYFENCE will be more optimal on a perfectly smooth surface.

The installation of the PPF BODYFENCE film

BODYFENCE is a product that is installed using the “WET Application” technique. Both soapy water and HEXIS Gel activate the adhesive and at the same time delay the adhesion of the BODYFENCE. Flat surfaces are best suited to the use of soapy water, where repositioning of the film is necessary. HEXIS Gel also allows repositioning but guarantees better stability in more difficult areas (edges, deformed areas).

It is the minimum tension that is desirable when laying BODYFENCE. So there are areas where it is necessary to use soapy water and others where HEXIS Gel is required. On a large surface, with little tension, soapy water is preferred. If an area requires deformation, HEXIS Gel will make it easier to bond the BODYFENCE by maintaining tension.

HEXIS Gel makes it possible to bond immediately in difficult areas, such as edges. A condition that is more difficult to achieve with soapy water. Soap residues can make it difficult to bond. It is therefore imperative to rinse the contours with clean water; before applying the edges.

3D or deformed parts of the bodywork need a high degree of tension. In this case, soapy water will not hold the film in place with the necessary tension. Applying HEXIS Gel to the ends of your film will help to maintain the necessary tension. The BODYFENCE will be perfectly affixed!

To find out more; please contact our Training Centre for courses on how to apply our famous BODYFENCE or any other self-adhesive film!