What training courses for the application of self-adhesive film are available at HEXIS?

News / 2023, 16 mars

Which courses to choose for training in self-adhesive film application at HEXIS?

The HEXIS Training Centre offers several professional training courses in the application of self-adhesive film. Many topics are covered during HEXIS training courses: signage, full wraps, Bodyfence, HEX’Perience… The aim of all these courses is to train you in the skills needed to apply self-adhesive film to a wide variety of materials. Beginners and experts alike can attend these courses. Indeed, it is always essential to remain at the top of your trade, so it is necessary to be constantly updated and trained in the new technologies in the market.

Below we will introduce you to the various training courses offered by our team of instructors in several areas related to the application of self-adhesive film.

What kind of training for full wraps?

Three training courses are available to learn how to apply self-adhesive film for the purpose of carrying out a full wrap. Firstly, the ”Discovery” course. This is recommended for people who are new to the business of self-adhesive film installation or who are retraining. This training is spread over 5 days.

Secondly, the ”Basic” module. You will learn the skills to do a full wrap, over 3 days. Finally, the last course is the ”Advanced”. This course is only available if you have already taken part in one of the two modules mentioned earlier. Our instructors are self-adhesive film professionals and are experts in their field to support you throughout the duration of the course.

Learn how to protect vehicle bodywork with our BODYFENCE training courses

Two modules are available to learn how to apply our BODYFENCE self-adhesive protection film. The first one is a ”Basic” training, over 4 days, to allow you to know the range and to acquire the necessary skills for the installation of this self-adhesive film. The second module is the ”Advanced” course which lasts 2 days. This course will provide you with a solid grasp of the installation skills. The teaching aids used by the trainees will ensure a complete and thorough training.

Learn about automotive solar protection

There are two possible training courses to become a professional installer of automotive solar film.

  • The ”Basic” course lasts three days and allows you to learn the skills needed to apply automotive solar film
  • The ” Advanced ” module allows you to fully master the skills, over two days

Mastering the application of self-adhesive film on windscreens

The Racing Optics training course will teach you, during 2 days, the skills to apply the Racing Optics self-adhesive film. You will learn how to install our renowned films on various windscreens:

What kind of training to choose for the sign and signage trades?

If you work in the signage industry and want to improve your self-adhesive film installation skills, this course is clearly for you. During 2 days you will learn about the different self-adhesive films for signage and you will master the skills for applying these films. The HEXIS instructors will assess you through a theoretical test and a practical exam.

Interior design, tailored training in the installation of self-adhesive films

If you are planning to develop your skills in the application of self-adhesive film for interior decoration, this course is for you. For this class, it is preferable to have previous experience in the application of self-adhesive film. During two days, you will be trained to work with the range of self-adhesive films for interior decoration.

A course to master the art of window graphics

Assuming that you have experience in applying self-adhesive film on flat surfaces, you are eligible for the training course for window film. This course will enable you to learn in just two days how to master the skills of applying building and window films . With the help of suitable tools and appropriate teaching aids, you will learn all about window graphics.

How to protect surfaces? A HEXIS training course is made for that: the PURE ZONE® training course

You have a project in the medical world or in any place where hygiene is paramount? This training course will enable you to learn the skills for applying our PURE ZONE® antimicrobial film. For a training experience as close as possible to reality, you will learn how to apply it to handles, touch screens or furniture.

How to train to be a professional in the application on textiles?

This training course is recommended for people who are new to the textile marking business or who are retraining. The objective of this module is to learn about the different thermal adhesive films for textile marking from HEXIS:

  • Speedcut
  • Colorcut
  • Metalcut
  • Blockcut
  • Slimprint
  • ..

During a full day you will learn to master the skills of applying thermal films for textile marking.

Digital imaging, learn how to optimise the quality of your print output

You are a digital printing professional and want to optimise the quality of your work through better control of the various peripherals and software? Choose one of the two digital imaging training modules. The ”Basic” course lasts one day and teaches you how to achieve quality digital printing by understanding digital imaging through basic concepts of colour.

Subsequently, you can choose the ”Optimisation” module which will enable you, in two days, to master digital inkjet printing as well as to analyse and retouch the colour of digital images.

Now you know everything about the HEXIS training courses offered by the Training Centre. For all these reasons, do not hesitate to contact us for further information!