How do I choose the right building solar film ?

News / 2019, 9 september

You can choose your building solar film according to the following criteria :

  • Film tint
  • Installation of the film on the indoor or outdoor surface of the window
  • The type of window (single/double glazing, tinted or not)
  • Durability

To avoid thermal shocks, HEXIS recommend using a film intended for outdoor installation.

For further information regarding installation and removal of these products, please refer to the respective application guides.

Indoor application :

BSOR20i2 reflective silver, BSOR35i2 reflective silver, BSOR50i2 reflective silver, BSOB20x2 bronze, BSON50i2 grey, low-reflection, BSOT35i2 reflective (heat reflection), BSOM15i2 one-way mirror, BSORD60i2 discolouration retardant, BSOAT40i2 anti-thermal shocks, MIAMI dichroic.

Outdoor application :

BSOR15x2 reflective silver, BSOR35x2 reflective silver, BSOR50x2 reflective silver, BSOB20x2 bronze, BSON20x2 grey, low-reflection, BSOI80x2 invisible.

Picture : Laurent Grenier, BSOR15x2