HEXIS provide social distancing strategies

News / 2020, 11 december

Make safety a priority! Protect yourself, your team members and your customers
To accomplish this, HEXIS offer you a whole range of products to communicate about barrier gestures, manage the flow of people and guarantee physical distancing in premises.

  1. AG / PG anti-graffiti range: highly transparent, ultra-smooth films for easy removal of graffiti
  2. HW301WM1: a printable anti-slip film (R10, DIN 51-130 standard), removable for up to 6 months, can be laid on indoor floors, compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV inks
  3. MICROTAC ME200: a cutting film, black or white, removable for up to 6 months, can be applied on flat surfaces indoors and outdoors
  4. VCXR201WG1: film with reinforced adhesive, suitable for a variety of substrates (textured, non-polar surfaces etc.)
  5. GFLI and GFLX ranges: anti-slip laminates (R9 to R12, DIN 51-130 standard), can be laid on indoor and outdoor floors