An idea for projects to be produced with HEXIS films

News / 2020, 30 november

HEXIS self-adhesive films can be installed everywhere, in all your projects. They allow you to be creative without borders, the only limit being your own imagination.

Here are some ideas for original projects made with HEXIS self-adhesive films, the three winners of the ”Free projects” category of the HEXIS photo contest:

    1. Thoma Werbetechnik AG – – Näfels, Switzerland
      Products used: #THE190EVO, #PC190G2

    2. PubliFlash – – Voglans, France
      Products used: #HX190WG, #PC190M

    3. La Borne Arcade – – Marne-La-vallée, France
      Products used: #ECOTAC


The entire HEXIS team would like to thank you once again for your numerous entries! Do not hesitate to share your most beautiful creations with us throughout the year.