We warm up winter at HEXIS

News / 2021, 10 December

We all know that the month of december all by itself embodies the end-of-the-year festivities, gifts, the joy of sharing good times… For all these reasons, HEXIS has decided to organize a somewhat special month of December to thank its customers for their loyalty, support and commitment throughout 2021. 

This year we have decided to surprise you with the setting up of 2 contests throughout the month of December to welcome the New Year gently. 

first contest will only take place only on our Instagram account and will take the form of questions that you will have to answer to try to win the grand prize. 

To find the answers to these questions, all you need to do is browse our website and / or our Instagram account to be sure you have the correct answer. In total, there will be 6 questions about the month of December and to have the chance to be drawn, you will need to have answered right these 6 questions. 

The name of the big winner of this contest will be announced on December 24. Up for grabs, the chance to win a basic total covering training session lasting 3 days worth €1,400! 

You will have the pleasure of multiplying your winnings by participating in the second contest, which this time will take place on our Facebook account only. The principle? Once a week on the HEXIS Graphics Facebook account, a post will be made with the indicated gain and to participate, a comment, having liked the post as well as the Facebook page will be required to be selected and try to win one of the 4 gifts that will be offered this year 

Each gift will be revealed the same day the post is distributed, and the winner will be drawn the next monday. 

Are you ready for this month of December filled with gifts? So, don’t forget to follow us on our networks to know all of our news and specially to participate in the big 2021 competition!