Our HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range: Feedback in live conditions!

Noticias / 2023, 25 enero

Our HOLESHOT HEX’TREM by HEXIS range is a range of self-adhesive films specially designed for extreme sports decoration kits. Our self-adhesive films have been tested in real conditions with the HONDA SR Motoblouz Team throughout this season.

We have interviewed Josse SALLEFRANQUE, the Team Manager of HONDA SR Motoblouz about our range of HOLESHOT HEX’TREM deco kits by HEXIS.

Who are you?

I am Josse Sallefranque and I am the Manager of the Honda SR Motoblouz team and a former supercross and motocross rider.

What is your track record?

I was French supercross champion in 2012, I won the Paris-Bercy supercross, after that I did several top 5, world motocross championship, I also rode the supercross championship, the European championship, the German championship. That’s it, it was essentially a career in GP and supercross.

What do you think is a good deco kit?

So for us, the decoration kit is very, very important because it is an image, it represents the decoration of the bike, it represents our partners, it represents the team. So we really need to have a decoration that is representative of the team. Of course we expect quality, but we also expect it to be a beautiful design, to be glossy, to stand out. So this is it, the decoration kit really brings out the promotional side, but also the sponsoring and really the image of our organisation.

What did you think of the performance of the deco kit in real conditions?

Well, this deco kit and this adhesive are really great. We are working with Rider Unik and Hexis and it is truly a decoration, a material that resists rubbing and scratching. It’s really a quality that is undeniable for sand, above all, we know, on the 3R races it’s very difficult. So we’re looking for a decorative quality that will be long-lasting and efficient because it’s true, we know that the wear of the boots on the sticker is very hard. These are always complicated parts to work on, so we’re very happy to have a decoration kit that lasts.

How would you describe the new HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range?

For our job, I would describe this range as quality, efficiency and gloss and shine. That’s really it, on the decoration side, it’s quite cool. We have the quality of the decoration.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, we recommend this range because it’s true that Hexis is a brand of adhesive products that always improves the quality of their adhesive films. You can see it on the different substrates, whether it’s on a car or a motorbike and for us it’s really important, as we explained, because it’s the image of the team that is represented on the motorbike. So I have a piece of advice, because we are really reaching a milestone, so if we want a nice bike at the finish, it’s perfect.

What’s next for this season?

So of course we will see the team at Le Touquet in the French championship on sand, in the entire MGP and M2 championship, the French motocross championship and after that the Paris supercross, so there you go. We hope for the best for as long as possible.

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