How to protect your car headlights?

Noticias / 2023, 3 febrero

Car headlights, how to protect them?

The protection of your car’s headlights is of paramount importance. It is not only your bodywork that needs protection. Your headlights are just as important! HEXIS offers you solutions to protect them but also to customise them.

Why protect your headlights?

If your headlights fade or become opaque, you may be in danger on the road. This is because it reduces the performance of the light beam. You see less and are seen less. Your headlights lose 30 to 40% of their illuminating power if they are too opaque.

Which self-adhesive films are right for protecting car headlights?

The BLACKLIGHT self-adhesive film is an impact protection film. It keeps your car’s headlights sparkling. BLACKLIGHT provides a gloss light grey smoke finish. In addition, the BLACKLIGHT self-adhesive film is self-healing.

The HEXLIGHT range comes in two products:


The former allows you to tint the glass of your car headlights in dark black and the latter in light black, with a gloss finish for both designs. Both of these self-adhesive films are ultra-clear, 70 micron cast PVC. The advantage of this range is that it is easy to install. These products are ultra-clear and offer a crystal tinted effect. They allow the maximum amount of light to pass through and thus to drive safely.

HEXIS has developed a range of superior quality self-adhesive films that provides long-lasting protection for the headlights of your car.

Caution, these products are intended for use on:

  • Show cars
  • Vehicles used off the public highway (race tracks, exhibitions etc.)

How to customise car headlights?

The colouring of headlight glass is possible with the HEXFLARE range. These are self-adhesive films that allow you to colour your headlights. HEXFLARE, a transparent coloured film, is available in four colours.

  • Yellow – HEXFLARE01
  • Red – HEXFLARE02
  • Blue – HEXFLARE03
  • Grey – HEXFLARE04

Before use, refer to the technical documentation.

Para cualquier otro uso en entornos no privados, rogamos se atenga a lo dispuesto en las normas de circulación, de conformidad con las disposiciones aplicables en materia de alumbrado, señalización y tintado de las lunas. HEXIS no se hace responsable del uso indebido o ilícito del film, en caso de una instalación que incumpla la reglamentación vigente en cada país.