HEXIS photo competition: The winners of the 2022 edition

Noticias / 2022, 7 diciembre

The 2022 edition of the HEXIS Photo Contest was rich in talents. From the 1st to the 31st of October, you were more than 300 participants and we thank you for that. We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s HEXIS Photo Contest. The choice was not easy for our jury, the photos were all more qualitative one than the other. The photo competition was an opportunity for professionals to show the world their best work made with HEXIS self-adhesive films. All projects using HEXIS self-adhesive film were eligible. We had submissions in all seven categories.

What were the HEXIS professionals’ jury’s selection criteria?

The winners were chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Respect for the theme and the category
  • Originality of the photo
  • Overall aesthetics of the photo
  • Quality of the photo
  • Technical constraints of the implementation
  • Print quality
  • Quality of the installation

There were three winners in each category and one winner across all categories. The total prize money for this year’s HEXIS photo competition is valued at almost €5,000 (HEXIS gift vouchers, iPhone 14 Pro Max).

The quality and technical nature of HEXIS self-adhesive films were highlighted as a result of the efforts of all the participants.

Who are the winners of the HEXIS photo competition?

Winner across all categories

His work exceeded our expectations. Quality, originality and aesthetics are all criteria that were highlighted by this performance. We are proud to present you our winner of the 2022 edition of the HEXIS Photo Contest: DECOSAIL.

Who are the winners in each category? 

1. Vinyls Labs 2. BMMR 3. Taylor Designs
Solar Films
1. Tri State Window Tinting 2. LabColor 3. Tri State Window Tinting
1. Mail Zimmer Car Design 2. GS Production 3. Bürki Moser GmbH
Interior Decoration
1. Coeve Producción Creativa 2. Trama Decoración S.L. 3. Dualis Folium
Sign boards
1. MEGAMARK 2. Bürki Moser GmbH 3. Sticksone
Pure Zone
Open project
1. Radin d.o.o. 2. Publiflash 3. Wraptor Customs

See you next year for an even more spectacular edition. Nonetheless, you can send us your work all year long on our social networks. We will be delighted to highlight your projects. HEXIS is proud of its talents.

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