At the heart of the HEXIS and BWT-Alpine F1 Team® partnership

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A solid partnership between HEXIS and the BWT-Alpine F1 Team® underlines a relationship of trust which has been made concrete by the training of the racing team’s technicians in Frontignan. The application of self-adhesive film requires a high level of technical expertise, even more so when applying it to a Formula 1 single-seater. This is why the paint technicians at Alpine® approached the teams at our Training Centre.

HEXIS devised a customised colour to match the requirements of the Alpine® racing team. Our Training Centre then hosted Alpine® technicians to train them in the application of HEXIS self-adhesive films.

A technical partnership between HEXIS and BWT-Alpine F1 Team®

It is a technical partnership that links the two entities – HEXIS and Alpine® – in the supply of vinyl media. The HEXIS R&D laboratory is currently developing high performance self-adhesive films for the team at home in the cradle of British motor racing: Enstone.

HEXIS self-adhesive vinyl films are technically advanced and tailored to the requirements of the world of Formula 1 racing. This partnership underscores the match between HEXIS self-adhesive films and the need for innovation and technological demands of the world of motorsport.

HEXIS self-adhesive films help save weight on the Formula 1 car and have the ability to be easily swapped.

Flashback on the Alpine teams’ stay at the HEXIS Training Centre.

What kind of training did the Alpine® technicians follow?

Our training centre offers a number of professional and qualifying training courses. These range from training in the application of self-adhesive film for signage to training in window graphics as well as BODYFENCE training. The Alpine® paint technicians were trained over several days in the application technique for full wraps.

The Alpine® technicians are expected to apply self-adhesive film to the Formula 1 single-seaters. However, this is not an easy task and the need for training was necessary for Alpine. This is why they turned to our Training Centre teams to accommodate them.

The self-adhesive film fulfils a number of functions, they can be damaged during the races, particularly due to:

  • Chips of tar
  • Gravel
  • Heat

Specific self-adhesive films have been chosen to learn their application technique for this training.

Which HEXIS self-adhesive films were used during the training?

It is paramount that the self-adhesive film is applied with perfection to the single-seater. The technicians were trained with self-adhesive film from the SKINTAC range (HX190), laminated with our self-adhesive PC190S cast laminate.

The SKINTAC range is specially dedicated for full wraps, it allows an immaculate finish. The laminate used is a premium cast laminate; ideal for protecting the self-adhesive prints on a vehicle. Thus, the result on the single-seater is impressive in terms of technique. Another advantage of this category of self-adhesive vinyls is that they are compatible with all printing systems.

The training centre would like to thank the BWT-Alpine F1 Team® for its continued support. Our teams remain available to meet the future needs of the racing team.

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