HEXIS know-how

News / 2020, 9 January

Since 1989, HEXIS have been using our innovative know-how in the production of media for visual communication professionals.

The only French manufacturer specialized in the adhesive coating of PVC and non-PVC films, HEXIS also produce our own cast films with globally acclaimed conformability and durability qualities.
HEXIS export our products to some 50 countries over all 5 continents.

Our team of chemists constantly work on improving our product formulations. They innovate to fine-tune tomorrow’s products. In 2010 in particular, their research enabled us to introduce «green» PVC-free and plasticizer-free, multilayered cast films and a film with antimicrobial properties boosting the fight against health-associated diseases.

Since June 2005, HEXIS have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system.