The Research & Development Laboratory

HEXIS pays particular attention to research and development. In 2001 HEXIS invested over € 300,000  in analytical devices and powerful computers to equip the R&D laboratory based at its main site in Frontignan, France.

As a result of the work of the R&D team in the lab HEXIS was able to launch in 2006 the “HEX’Press” adhesive technology which greatly eases the application of self-adhesive media unto a substrate with the help of an air egress system. By avoiding creases and bubbles these products considerably reduce the time needed for the application while at the same time ensuring a perfect visual appearance.

Also in 2006, the laboratory developed a process to produce an extremely thin (30 to 80 µm) and highly conformable cast vinyl film. As a result the company was able to increase its share of the international market for self-adhesive media for full vehicle wraps, that is to say applications that completely cover a vehicle with a printed film.

The laboratory also ensures the quality control of raw materials, of semi-finished products and of the final product at the end of the production chain.

The measured values are vital for the performance of the product and in the case of self-adhesive films comprise the following measurements:
- Elongation and tensile strength
- Conformity of colour
- Surface roughness
- Peel off the liner
- Initial tack
- Final adhesion on the substrate
- Durability (convector and QUV)

Research essentially covers innovation, optimisation of raw material properties, improving product performance  and ecological properties of finished products.