The efficiency of self-adhesive BODYFENCE® protective films!

News / 2023, 28 September

The efficiency of self-adhesive BODYFENCE® protective films!

Preserving the bodywork is essential to guarantee the appearance and value of the vehicle over the long term. Several factors can cause undesirable damage to the original paintwork: weather conditions, gravel, insects etc.

If you want to protect the bodywork of your car, that is where the BODYFENCE® range comes into play. The BODYFENCE® protective film is renowned for its unequalled efficiency and its ability to preserve the appearance of a car without altering its beauty.

What are the advantages of BODYFENCE ® self-adhesive protection films?

Every day the bodywork of a vehicle is exposed to various external aggressions. These can leave indelible marks on the bodywork. To protect it, HEXIS offers you its acclaimed BODYFENCE range: a self-adhesive protection film that acts as a true barrier against scratches, stone chippingsinsectsbird droppings etc. In addition, by absorbing shocks it helps to prevent these aggressions from damaging the bodywork.

Roads are sometimes strewn with gravel, which can damage the bodywork of your car. No need to worry anymore about these impacts with our self-adhesive anti-gravel BODYFENCE® film. The self-adhesive films that come in the BODYFENCE® range are designed to withstand all the most demanding road conditions. In this manner the original paintwork is preserved as well as the value of the vehicle.

At the same time, it must not be forgotten that BODYFENCE self-adhesive protective films are also:

  • self-healing
  • self-cleaning
  • ultra-clear

BODYFENCE® protection is renowned for its inconspicuity once applied. Perfectly clear and tailored to the shape of the bodywork, it is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

With our different protective films in the BODYFENCE® range, you give your bodywork maximum resistance to everyday contamination.

To accommodate all styles, we have decided to offer you a satin finish to further enhance and protect the paintwork of your car.

Protect your bodywork with the satin finish of BODYFENCEXS

The BODYFENCE® range continues to grow to offer you ever more effective solutions for the protection of your bodywork. The latest arrival in the range is BODYFENCEXS.

With a focus on constant evolution in wrapping techniques and market needs, our teams work every day to satisfy our clients. This is why BODYFENCEXS has been launched to meet the expectations of our clients but also of all those who love BODYFENCE self-adhesive protection films. In this product you will find all the advantages of BODYFENCE and X technology, but in a satin finish.

  • immediate self-healing
  • increased resistance to hydrocarbon stains
  • enhanced hydrophobic effect

With self-adhesive BODYFENCEXS bodywork protection film, you can now shed a whole new light on your paintwork. The satin finish will be the elegant touch that will make all the difference. Indeed, our new paint protection is designed to be compatible with all bodywork colours. So whether your car is painted a classic tone or has a more daring finish, BODYFENCEXS will fulfil its principal function while blending in discreetly with your bodywork.

Advanced technology to ensure your comfort

BODYFENCEXS combines all the features found in the BODYFENCE range of vehicle body protection films. In addition, whether it be a styled radiator grille, door handles, rear-view mirrors or angular elements, BODYFENCEXS is perfectly and easily applied. It therefore offers consistent protection across the entire surface of the vehicle.

BODYFENCEXS distinguishes itself from other bodywork protection films available on the market. Its leading-edge technology and its adaptability to new trends make it a prime choice for vehicle owners concerned about the protection and appearance of their vehicles.

With this new product, the BODYFENCE® range continues to extend the limits of the effectiveness of body protection films.

Make the choice for excellence with the new self-adhesive BODYFENCEXS film and enjoy perfectly preserved bodywork, mile after mile.

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