SKYTINT solar films – Protection and customisation of your car windows

News / 2022, 21 April

SKYTINT consists of two ranges of solar films: SKYFALL & MAJESTIK. Which constitute a real protective barrier against the harmful effects of the sun. Innovative technologies offering the perfect combination of style, safety and healthy lifestyle.

What are the advantages of using SKYTINT solar film to protect your car?

Style and elegance are the keywords of SKYTINT solar films. They allow tailor-made customisation of your car. A solar film preserves the beauty of your car. With SKYTINT solar films, the temperature inside your car is controlled ; for an unequalled driving experience. SKYTINT solar films are efficient in preserving the shine of your interior ; while delaying the fading of fabrics, leathers and plastics. Finally, the driving comfort is preserved with SKYTINT solar films. They reduce, in particular, blinding reflections without decreasing the visual clearness.

The SKYFALL range of solar films does not contain any metallised substances. This range can reject up to 43% of solar energy. Available in 6 colours, it has a durability of 10 years.

The nano-ceramic technology of the MAJESTIK range of solar films is available in 7 shades, offering unequalled thermal comfort. It’s a real shield against solar, UV and infrared radiation.

Both SKYTINT sun protection film ranges have a scratch-resistant coating and are 100% compliant with the regulations.

Which are the areas where SKYFALL and MAJESTIK sun protection films can be applied?

  • Sun roof
  • Rear window
  • Rear side windows
  • Front side windows

It is imperative to obtain information and to apply the solar film in accordance with the regulations in force in your country (100% compliance with the regulations in force).

How to apply a SKYTINT solar film: SKYFALL or MAJESTIK?

The teams at the HEXIS training centre offer you qualitative and specific training in the application methods of automotive solar films. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, two levels of training are now available for optimal installation.

Don’t hesitate to enquire at the Training Centre to start your training in HEXIS automotive solar film installation.