MATMAK, the new solution for precut self-adhesive PPF film

News / 2023, 27 October

Introducing MATMAK: the new solution for your precuts

HEXIS is pleased to announce its major new product for 2023, the new solution for your PPF precut: MATMAK. MATMAK is a solution to help you with your paint protection film installation projects. Indeed, the installation of PPF film requires expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. All this to give you a precise, high-quality installation.

What is a precut?

Also known as a “precut kit“, a precut is a predefined and precise cut out of self-adhesive film. This type of self-adhesive film is made to fit a specific part of a car. Such precut kits are used, in particular, to help you install bodywork protection film, also known as PPF. Precuts reduce the risk of errors when cutting self-adhesive film directly on the car’s bodywork.

Applying a protective film to the bodywork of a car is a process that requires a great deal of accuracy. For this reason, we have decided to bring together the very latest technologies to offer you our MATMAK software.



MATMAK, the new-generation precut

MATMAK brings together all the latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of computer-aided design (CAD). This cutting software is revolutionary, not only because of its technology, but also because of the large database it incorporates. This database is made up of the most recent car models available on the market. MATMAK software for precuts is a system that combines the precision of an automated cutting machine with the design flexibility of intuitive software. One of the major strengths of MATMAK is that it is equipped with a virtual plotter. This allows you to visualise what the machine will cut.

Our experts use two methods for designing precuts. The first is to produce the templates manually. The second involves placing sensors on all the contours of the vehicle so that it can be modelled in 3D directly on the computer. This approach also ensures that the contours of the vehicle are obtained with great precision.

The main objective of using MATMAK precuts is to make the installation of self-adhesive film easier for you. Indeed, with our technology you will save time during your work. Precut means you avoid having to manually cut the PPF directly on the bodywork, thus reducing the risk of error and guaranteeing an even more professional and aesthetically pleasing result.



Why use MATMAK?

Our technology is particularly appreciated for its ease of use matand versatility. Indeed, once you have chosen the template of the vehicle to be wrapped, the software takes care of producing a cut with millimetre precision.

In addition, our platform is accessible from anywhere in the world, which gives MATMAK great flexibility of use.




Our website allows you to have a history of the models you use most often. This is another time-saving feature provided by MATMAK software. We invite you to explore our website and see all the templates available!

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