KROMPRINT: experience stunning chrome wraps

News / 2023, 5 October

Create unique designs with our KROMPRINT film for a unique wrap

Chrome wrap have become a not-to-be-missed trend in terms of full wraps. If you want to give your vehicle a spectacular high-gloss appearance, chrome is the ideal solution.

Allow yourself to be surprised by our printable KROMPRINT film. It has been designed to enhance your prints with a metallic sparkle.

To create a reflective high-gloss surface effect, we can offer you KROMPRINT, an innovative product in the field of chrome effect wraps. It gives car owners the opportunity to transform their vehicle with a stunning sparkle. Because of its superior quality and breathtaking mirror effect, KROMPRINT has become an unavoidable choice for customising your car with style.

Full wraps can be applied to all types of car and offer numerous advantages. Indeed, wrapping your vehicle with self-adhesive film will protect the original paintwork from external damage. The chrome effect adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Choose KROMPRINT to enhance your cars

KROMPRINT is a high-end product specially designed to create an authentic chrome surface that captures light in an incomparable way. Our self-adhesive chrome effect film allows to create a uniform effect on the bodywork.

KROMPRINT is a self-adhesive film that adapts perfectly to the contours of each vehicle, giving them a unique touch. In addition, the possibilities for customisation are endless. Indeed, you can opt for a full chrome wrap for a striking mirror effect, or simply chrome accents for a touch of elegance.

What are the characteristics of KROMPRINT?

This self-adhesive film can be printed with latex and UV ink technologies. For 3D use, we recommend printing with latex inks and laminating with our PC500G2 or PC300 film. If you are using it on 2D surfaces, UV or latex printing technologies are suitable. In this case, we recommend laminating with V750 or VCR750.

Our KROMPRINT adhesive film was used by a famous French car manufacturer for the occasion of a legendary race. In 2023, Alpine took part in the Pikes Peak hill climb. Always at the forefront of sporting innovation, Alpine cars shone with their chrome design. Indeed, the French manufacturer used KROMPRINT to give us a magnificent rendering. The resulting design helped to emphasise the harmonious curves of the cars.

The result is simply breathtaking: a unique design that will not go unnoticed. This printable chrome technology bearing the HEXIS signature pushes back the limits of creativity!

We can only recommend KROMPRINT to enhance your vehicle with a chrome wrap. The quality of KROMPRINT guarantees exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions. Turn your car into a work of art.

If you are looking to have a chrome wrap applied to your car, take a look at the list of our installers here!

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