How to choose the right self-adhesive film for your deco application?

News / 2023, 4 May

Choosing the right self-adhesive film for decoration: criteria to be taken into account

Decorative self-adhesive film is an excellent way to give new life to your surfaces. Whether you are looking to add a touch of colour, texture or pattern to your walls, furniture, doors, windows or floors; there is a wide range of self-adhesive films available from HEXIS.

In this article we are going to guide you to choose the right self-adhesive film for your project. Taking into account your needs. If you are looking to revamp the decoration of your shop or hotel or any other space at a lower cost, our concept is made for you: HEX’Perience.

The HEX’Perience concept: explanations and possibilities for decorating

The HEX’Perience concept can help you complete any decoration project through its unique self-adhesive deco film concept. HEX’Perience is a creative alternative to the products available on the self-adhesive film market. HEXIS offers a free online library of large format, high definition printing or cutting patterns (1.30m wide by 3m high, 200 dpi). The library of self-adhesive deco films comprises:

  • Wooden materials
  • Mineral materials
  • Metallic effects
  • Wall papers
  • Designs for window graphics
  • Designs for floors

All our patterns are designed to be matched with our range of effect laminates for maximum realism. In addition, they are designed to be repeated seamlessly. With HEX’Perience self-adhesive deco film you are free to combine the elements with each other and create your own designs without limit. Before printing, you can add text, a logo or any other graphic element onto the design. Thanks to our self-adhesive deco system, you will reduce your stocks. Indeed, you no longer need to buy a roll of light wood and a roll of dark wood, with the wood lamination you can create all the wood types that you may need. If your project is to decorate a surface, be it smooth, rough or if you need to shape the film, you will find the right reference among our range of printing films.

As you can appreciate, the entire HEX’Perience library can be used with HEXIS printing films.

HEX’Perience above all means less downtime for your premises. You can change the decoration of a shop in just one night. Thus, you can reopen the next day in a completely different environment. Finally, the use of self-adhesive deco film results in a 70% saving compared to the use of traditional materials.

How to choose the right self-adhesive deco film for your application?

Step 1: Identify the type of surface to be wrapped

The first step in choosing a self-adhesive deco film is to identify the specific type of surface to be wrapped. It is important to take into account the texture, size and shape of the surface, as well as where it is located (indoor or outdoor, high traffic area etc.).

Step 2: Choose the type of self-adhesive film

Once you have identified the surface to be wrapped, you can choose the type of self-adhesive film from the HEXIS range that is most suitable. There are different types of self-adhesive films:

  • Films for walls
  • Films for furniture
  • Window graphics: films for glass
  • Floor graphics etc.

Each type of self-adhesive film is designed for a specific purpose. In addition, a self-adhesive film has its own unique characteristics in terms of texture, adhesion, strength and appearance.

Step 3: Choose the design

Once you have chosen the type of self-adhesive film that best suits the surface to be wrapped, it is time to choose the design. The HEX’Perience library includes a wide range of designs for self-adhesive deco films. Our designs range from the most basic to the most sophisticated. You will also find solid colours with textured effects, from light shades to the brightest colours.

Step 4: Choose the finish

Once you have chosen the design, you can add a laminate to obtain a unique finish. You can choose from our laminates:

  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Matt
  • Wood effect (wood with knots, alpine wood etc.), leather, sparkle, carbon, brushed aluminium brossé etc.

In conclusion, choosing the right self-adhesive deco film for your particular application may seem complicated at first. By taking into account the key elements such as surface type, decoration style, durability and budget, you can find the perfect self-adhesive film for your project. For all these reasons, you can turn any space or surface into an attractive and durable decorative element. All this made possible by the HEX’Perience pattern library.

Do not hesitate to contact Marine GUELAIA, our decoration specialist, to obtain samples and further advice.

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