HEXIS and its Training Centre for self-adhesive film applications

News / 2023, 9 March

An academy tailored to develop your skills in self-adhesive film application

The first training centre for the application of HEXIS self-adhesive films was opened in 2001. Indeed, 22 years ago HEXIS decided to train its customers in the installation of self-adhesive films in optimum conditions to meet their demands. Whether you are an employee, a job hunter or a private individual, we offer several types of training in the application of self-adhesive films, on all types of substrates.

HEXIS operates several Training Centres for self-adhesive film installation worldwide.

We offer training courses lasting from 1 to 5 days depending on the chosen module.

So why choose the HEXIS Training Centre to learn how to apply self-adhesive films?

  • The HEXIS Centre is certified and HEXIS training courses can be included in the scheme for further professional training (in France)
  • Our instructors are assigned to each training course with adapted infrastructures (ideal temperature, adapted lighting…)
  • HEXIS is the only French manufacturer and the best qualified to train its users on the installation of its products
  • The instructors are in direct contact with the laboratory and production staff

HEXIS provides quality learning in optimum conditions, in particular with personalised follow-up in small groups; in this way, our teams do everything possible so that you can study and learn in the best possible conditions. The HEXIS instructors are at your disposal throughout the duration of the course and you can ask them any questions you may have.

Equally suited to beginners and experts

The advantage of the HEXIS Training Centre is that we use highly effective teaching tools. Indeed, you will carry out your training in real conditions with installations on:

  • Vehicles
  • Doors on commercial vehicles
  • Windows on buildings…

Our training courses are open to all levels, which is why you do not need to be a self-adhesive film professional to train with us. The aim of our training courses is to allow you to practise on real-life scenarios.

Topics covered in our courses

HEXIS offers a variety of learning programmes on the application of self-adhesive films:

  • Signage
  • Full wraps
  • Vehicle bodywork protection
  • Interior decoration
  • Automotive solar protection
  • Window graphics
  • Headlights
  • Pure Zone, anti-bacterial protection film
  • Flex, film for textiles
  • Digital imaging

How are the trainees in our training centres assessed?

Trainees are assessed throughout the course. There is a theoretical assessment, with an MCQ, as well as a practical assessment. The practical assessment focuses on the application technique of the trainee. At the end of the training sessions you will be familiar with the preparation of an application and you will know the technical skills to overcome any problems that you may encounter during an application of self-adhesive film.

Where can you learn how to apply HEXIS self-adhesive films

HEXIS has several training facilities around the world in order to satisfy all of its customers. From the United States to Australia, via Spain, Sweden or Italy, you can train wherever you are. Find your training centre for application of self-adhesive films.

Who better than HEXIS to teach you how to apply self-adhesive films?