Give your windows a makeover with decorative etched glass films

News / 2023, 18 September

Understanding the advantages of decorative etched glass window films

Decorative etched glass films are an innovative decorative solution for your glass surfaces and windows. In addition, they offer many advantages. At HEXIS, we introduce the HEX’GLASS range and its  self-adhesive etched glass films, to give a new dimension to your glass surfaces.

What is a decorative etched glass film?

Decorative etched glass films are self-adhesive films designed to be applied to glass surfaces. At HEXIS we have several high quality self-adhesive films that will allow you to imitate the look of etched glass. They thus create an elegant and attractive effect. These films are available in a variety of textures and finishes. In short, our HEX’GLASS films meet your needs for decoration, information and protection.

One of the most important features of decorative etched glass films is their ability to offer a high degree of privacy. All the while allowing natural light to filter through.

The 5 benefits of decorative window films

  • Preserved privacy: etched glass films offer privacy while allowing light to pass through
  • Elegant visual appeal: Transform your windows into decorative elements with a wide range of patterns and designs
  • Ease of maintenance: etched glass films are easy to clean
  • Versatility: They can be used on windows, doors and partitions, and are suitable for a variety of interior and exterior decorative applications.

Why choose etched glass films for your windows?

Window decoration

Decorative etched glass films are a versatile and comprehensive solution for the decoration of windows. As such, they add a touch of elegance and modernity to any space. With their wide range of patterns, they allow creative customisation.

Transform your windows into design elements

By choosing etched glass films, you will transform your glass surfaces into design elements. They are perfect for highlighting specific architectural features, for example. You can choose classic patterns for a timeless look or opt for contemporary designs for a more modern look.

Privacy and visual appeal

One of the main advantages is their ability to provide the perfect balance between privacy and visual appeal. They will allow you to enjoy natural light whilst preserving privacy.

Application of etched glass films

Our self-adhesive films are very easy to apply because their composition allows them to adhere easily to the surface of the glass. The process is not only practical, but also allows you to save money compared with other methods of window decoration.

Decorative films allow you to combine privacy and visual appeal and ease of application. All of which makes them an ideal choice for transforming your windows into functional, elegant design elements.

How to choose and apply them?

Once you have understood the advantages of decorative etched glass films for your windows, the time has come to explore the choices available to you.

Several factors need to be taken into account when selecting a decorative etched glass film. The thickness of the film is a key element to consider. Indeed, thicker films can offer better privacy and increased durability. The quality of the film is another key issue. HEX’GLASS self-adhesive films are high quality products, so they will allow you to guarantee optimum durability and effectiveness in the long term.

In addition, you need to take into account the location of the application: indoor or outdoor use. Indeed, you will need more or less privacy depending on the area where the self-adhesive film is applied. This is the reason why HEXIS offers you a wide range of solutions for choosing your etched glass film.

Which are the decorative etched glass films available at HEXIS?

  • HX5DEPM – Matt etched glass appearance (Hex’Press liner)
  • HX5DP03 – White glitter etched glass appearance (Hex’Press liner)
  • KG15DEPM – Clear matt glitter etched glass appearance
  • S5DEPM – Etched glass appearance
  • S5DP03 – Matt white glitter etched glass appearance
  • S6DE00 – Removable etched glass appearance

Ideas for decorating with decorative etched glass films

Now that you know all there is about HEXIS decorative etched glass film, we are going to take a look at some creative ideas that will help you transform your spaces.

Creative uses for etched glass film

  • Window decoration

Window decoration remains one of the most popular uses for decorative etched glass films. They offer a high degree of privacy whilst letting natural light pass through.

  • Inside doors

Turn inside doors into unique design elements with our films. You will be able to separate your spaces with a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can even add patterns to your doors.

  • Shop windows

Decorative etched glass films are perfect for creating unique designs for your shop fronts. You can play with geometric patterns, elegant lines or indeed your logo to personalise your space.

Customisation and design

Decorative etched glass films offer an infinite number of opportunities for customisation. You can create made-to-measure designs or even display your corporate identity directly on your shop front or your windows.

In addition, it is important to point out that these self-adhesive films are reversible. Indeed, if you want to change your design, our self-adhesive films are easy to remove without leaving any trace and without damaging the surface of the glass.

In conclusion, decorative etched glass films offer many creative options for transforming a space. Do not hesitate to choose HEXIS self-adhesive films for your decoration projects.

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