Find out about the career of mediapplicator with HEXIS

News / 2021, 16 November

The visual communication sector is constantly evolving and permanently innovating. There are many branches in this industry: screen printing, event structures, signage, graphic design and many others. In this article, we will focus on the profession of mediapplicator, its implications and consequences.

Visual communication covers a wide range of productions, whether graphic, textile or industrial. The various products that are produced are intended to be placed on different substrates, each equally varied, and the mediapplicator must be familiar with all their specific aspects:

  • Vehicle wraps (partial or full)
  • Window graphics
  • Vinyl lettering
  • POS advertising
  • Furniture for interior decoration
  • Signage
  • Exhibition stands…

In order for self-adhesive films to stand out, they are applied by people who were initially known as “installers” and who now, thanks to the association FESPA France representing screen printing and large-format digital printing professionals, are called “mediapplicators“. This initiative has also been shared with the 37 national FESPA associations for international deployment.

The mediapplicator is engaged in the installation of self-adhesive films and printed products, particularly in the context of advertising or technical marking. He is a highly experienced technician and a true professional in visual communication. Being a mediapplicator is a profession in its own right.

Indeed, in order for this profession to be recognised and rewarded, the association FESPA France in 2018 created the title of “mediapplicator” accompanied by a CQP (Certificate of Professional Qualification) training course. Since that time, more and more training centres have been offering this apprenticeship, which allows a growing number of people to practice the profession of mediapplicator, which may not be so well known. The mediapplicator is an essential ingredient for continuing customer satisfaction.

At HEXIS we produce self-adhesive films of the finest possible quality. For this reason, so that our films can unfold all their properties, the mediapplicators must be immaculate because they are the last link in the chain of visual communication. The installation is the last link in the chain, which is why all the craftsmen who work on the production for their clients must be qualified, right up to the installation of the self-adhesive film on the substrate.

Our films enhance the substrates on which they are to be applied, and for this reason the mediapplicator has the know-how to make our HEXIS films stand out.

The mediapplicator is a professional who knows all the materials he works with and both their positive and negative aspects. Each installation is different, which is why expertise in films is an important and necessary skill.

However, it should not be forgotten that all the individuals and professions involved in the development of a visual communication media are essential because they allow the company’s visual identity to be put in place, from the conception to the installation.

So if you think you are the right person for the job of mediapplicator, if you think you are the mediapplicator that HEXIS needs, then visit our job offers ( and send us your application.

Interview Pascal BAZONNARD – CQP Mediapplicator