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News / 2023, 10 November

Find out more about self-adhesive films without PVC and their ecological advantages

Find out more about the ecological advantages of self-adhesive films without PVC. This is a subject at the heart of the environmental concerns of HEXIS. These environmentally-friendly solutions reduce plastic pollution and offer versatility of application. HEXIS offers a varied range of printable films without PVC for various projects: from advertising displays to sporting events. These self-adhesive films innovate the industry while demonstrating our commitment to PVC-free technologies, thereby contributing to a sustainable future.

The 4 advantages of self-adhesive films without PVC

PVC-free self-adhesive films have been at the heart of ecological concerns over recent years. As part of its drive for continuous improvement, HEXIS has placed the development of alternative solutions at the heart of its priorities. These self-adhesive films are designed to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly options. In addition, these self-adhesive films have become the preferred choice of companies looking for eco-designed solutions.

  • Reduced environmental impact: PVC-free self-adhesive films reduce plastic pollution and contribute to a cleaner environment. They are recyclable and environment-friendly.
  • Health and safety: They emit fewer toxic substances, thus guaranteeing the safety of workers and consumers.
  • Versatility of application: These self-adhesive films can be used on multiple projects. Whatever your project, HEXIS provides you with a PVC-free solution.
  • Technological innovation: These films are at the cutting edge of innovation to meet the changing needs of the industry.

What are the areas of application for these films?

HEXIS has developed ranges of printable films without PVC that meet the requirements of your short- and long-term projects. All with respect for the environment. Boost your image by showing that a green future is possible! Because of their environment-friendly nature and sustainable properties, self-adhesive films without PVC are an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Their versatility makes them unbeatable self-adhesive solutions.

For sporting and cultural events, trade fairs and advertising displays, choose the following films:

  • HX301EPS : clear adhesive, HEX’PRESS liner, white satin PVC-free printable film, for indoor and outdoor applications
  • HXR301EPS : super-reinforced clear adhesive, HEX’PRESS liner, white satin PVC-free printable film, for outdoor and indoor application, on lightly textured or non-polar surfaces or in adverse weather conditions (rain, cold, extreme heat etc.).

HEXIS also offers a range for your medium-term marking and projects. You can choose the ECOLOGICAL CUT range with our removable film: ECE3000. The ECE3000 film enables you to meet the strictest requirements of sustainable development. You can use it on all flat smooth surfaces (signs, windows etc.). This self-adhesive film without PVC has a fire rating of B-S1, d0 in accordance with standard EN 13501-1.

The use of self-adhesive films without PVC allows to demonstrate a clear commitment to PVC-free technologies.

The latest PVC-free product innovations from the HEXIS laboratories

Ecological innovation is crucial and our teams work every day to offer you environment-friendly self-adhesive solutions. We have been developing high-performance self-adhesive films throughout the year 2023, so take a look at some of the sustainable solutions we launched this year:

  • LINPRINT: printable woven canvas used for interior decoration or window graphics and which can be adapted to a wide range of glass surfaces
  • EPS135AD / EPS135ADE: self-adhesive paper, ecological print series
  • EPBANIN / EPBANOUT: printable banner material, polyester fabric, PVC-free
  • PC300: ultra-clear gloss PVC-free laminate
  • PCWOOD02: effect laminate, alpine wood
  • HX500WG2: white gloss PVC-free film


PVC-free self-adhesive films


PVC-free self-adhesives films are increasingly popular with businesses. This growing adoption is a testimony to their effectiveness and their reliability. By choosing PVC-free self-adhesive films, you are making the choice to invest in durability, quality and innovation. By reducing the use of PVC, these self-adhesive films are leading the way towards a future where technology and responsibility meet.

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