Customise your clothing with DTF (Direct To Film) technology

News / 2023, 31 August

Push back the boundaries of customisation with Direct To Film (DTF) technology

DTF technology, also known under the name of DTF printing, is an innovating digital printing method. It allows you to customise your garments with ease and precision. The main feature of DTF technology lies in its process. Indeed, rather than printing directly onto the fabric, it uses a transferable polyester film to apply the designs onto the textile. This transferable film is specially designed for DTF printing. The DTF printing process is simple and efficient.

What are the advantages of the DTF technology?

DTF printing offers numerous advantages for the customisation of garments, from small to large production runs. Firstly, Direct To Film technology enables high-quality printing. Colours and details are reproduced with great precision. It is possible to print on a variety of textiles and even on dark colours. This feature allows you to extend your options for customisation to suit all tastes and all styles.

At HEXIS we have two films for DTF printing systems: DTF-H-PEEL and DTF-C-PEEL.

Printing film for hot peeling: DTF-H-PEEL

The DTF-H-PEEL printable film is recommended for easy processing of small to large format designs. Its principal advantage is that it is not necessary to wait for it to cool down. Indeed, you need to remove it immediately when the press is raised.

With its versatility and good resistance to washing, it can be used on almost all garments requiring fast, economical customisation (streetwear, sportswear, promotional clothing etc.).  In addition, it transfers well to both light and dark fabrics. Its thickness (100 microns) means it can accept a high ink rate. This ensures optimal print quality and ink coverage.

For high-volume production runs, hot peeling allows processing times to be optimised by almost 50%.

What are the characteristics of the DTF-H-PEEL printing film?

DTF-H-PEEL is a clear polyester film fitted with a non-adhesive liner. It can be applied to all types of textiles (cotton, polyester etc.). The inks compatible with this printing film are water-based textile inks, suited to DTF printing.

Printing film for cold peeling: DTF-C-PEEL

Just like the DTF-H-PEEL printable film, DTF-C-PEEL is recommended for small to large format designs. Thin and extremely flexible, it allows high-quality four-colour printing, with high-impact colour effects. It can also be used for subtle gradients and a fully customisable backing white.

It is used with specific water-based inks, which give your colour graphics a particularly silky feel and good durability over time. Its thickness gives it the elasticity needed for the production of prints of great lengths.

What are the characteristics of the DTF-C-PEEL?

DTF-C-PEEL is an ultra-clear polyester film fitted with a non-adhesive liner. Its thickness is 80 microns. Compatible inks are water-based textile inks suited to DTF printing. DTF-C-PEEL can be applied to all types of textiles (cotton, polyester etc.) and cold peel.

Direct To Film (DTF) technology revolutionises the customisation of garments by offering an innovative and versatile digital printing method. With DTF printing, it is easier than ever to create unique and durable designs directly onto your favourite textiles.

The use of DTF technology allows high quality printing. In addition, it enables the reproduction of colours and details. DTF printing offers the possibility of printing on a variety of textiles (light or dark). Customised designs transferred onto textiles resist frequent washing and daily wear and tear. DTF technology will allow you to express your creativity through the satisfying experience of using DTF technology. Explore the possibilities offered by DTF technology. Get noticed!

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