Choosing the right self-adhesive film for a successful boat wrap

News / 2023, 2 November

Which self-adhesive film should I choose to wrap a boat?

Why should I wrap my boat?

The use of self-adhesive film for boat wrap has become a key element in protecting and/or customising the appearance of boat hulls. To do this, it is important to use self-adhesive films that are specially designed to improve, protect and customise boats.

Self-adhesive vinyl film is the most common option for wrapping a boat. Our films are highly appreciated for their versatility, their durability and their resistance to the environment. SKINTAC films are available in several finishes: matt, satin, gloss or textured. In addition, boat wraps offer a number of advantages:

  • Protection and preservation: Our self-adhesive films are made from durable, weather-resistant materials. If you apply self-adhesive film to the hull of your boat, it will be protected from UV rays, dirt, potential scratches as well as salt water. Indeed, with our films your original paintwork will be protected and preserved.
  • Customisation and creativity: With our self-adhesive films, you will be able to customise your boat according to your tastes. Our wide range of colours will allow you to opt for a sober, elegant design or else bold, colourful patterns. Self-adhesive films can offer you unrivalled flexibility for customising your boat hull.
  • Environment-friendly and economical: The use of self-adhesive films is less expensive than painting. In addition, avoiding paint allows you to reduce your environmental impact. Finally, self-adhesive films can be removed without damaging the original hull.
  • Easy maintenance: HEXIS self-adhesive films are easy to care for. In fact, we have a range of products specially designed for the maintenance of gloss SKINTAC films: SHAGFINISH (SHAGRELOAD + SHAGSHINE) and BODYFENCE® (BODYRELOAD, BODYSHINE)
beautiful boat covering


Which self-adhesive film do I choose for a boat wrap?

If you want to wrap your boat, it is vital to choose the right self-adhesive film. Indeed, it is crucial to ensure both the appearance and durability of your project. At HEXIS we have several types of self-adhesive film to wrap your boat in. Full-colour SKINTAC films are made up of a multi-layered cast PVC coated with a clear permanent solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Fully conformable, they benefit from our HEX’Press technology (structured liner for the evacuation of air) which ensures quick and easy installation.

The SKINTAC ranges from HEXIS

At HEXIS, you can choose between three ranges of self-adhesive films to enhance your boat:

  • HX45000
  • HX30000
  • HX20000

SKINTAC HX45000 self-adhesive films are perfect for boats. Indeed, their high technical performance and their conformability mean that they can be used on curved or textured surfaces. In addition, these adhesive films come with a 5-year HEXIS warranty*.

These self-adhesive films can withstand heavy deformation, which is one of the reasons why it is perfect to adapt to all boat hulls.

original boat covering


Thus, as you can see, choosing a self-adhesive film for a boat wrap is a crucial step. Indeed, to revitalise the appearance of your boat while protecting it from the elements, the choice of the right self-adhesive film will make all the difference. By opting for one of our self-adhesive solutions, you will benefit from unparalleled versatility and remarkable resistance to marine conditions. Do not hesitate any longer and invest in the beauty and protection of your boat now!

*see warranty conditions here

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