Caring for your SKINTAC gloss films with the SHAG range

News / 2022, 23 March

HEXIS self-adhesive films for full wraps (SKINTAC range) are designed to withstand all challenges and to last over time by virtue of their special features and design (cast PVC and HEX’PRESS liner). Nevertheless, rigorous care will ensure their excellent durability.

It is for this reason that we recommend the SHAGFINISH kit, consisting of the SHAGRELOAD and the SHAGSHINE.

Step 1. The cleaning fluid

Without using a single drop of water, the SHAGRELOAD will allow you to wash and protect SKINTAC self-adhesive films. This unique product, by its formulation; will guarantee you a professional result without risk of scratches and you will restore the shine of your filmed surfaces.

Step 2. The polishing cream

Once your surface has been cleaned and the shine of your film has been revealed again, we recommend the use of the polishing cream. SHAGSHINE increases the wear resistance of SKINTAC self-adhesive films, protects the film surface against potential external aggressions the film may be confronted with and, above all, gives a unique water-repellent effect. The advantage of this cream is that it is easy to apply in record time: half an hour is enough.


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