Colours that reflect your style

Take a look at the SKINTAC display unit, the essential tool for bringing your creative projects to life with an explosion of colour! This display is specially designed to showcase our SKINTAC product range, offering you a complete selection of vibrant colours. Your customers will be able to explore the endless possibilities offered by our products HX20000, HX30000 and HX45000. Conveniently laid out, this display will allow you to compare and choose from our vast range of colours. 

With its dimensions of 108x210x50cm, it offers generous space for displaying up to 117 SKINTAC references, thus ensuring a presentation of the complete range. The pack includes a sturdy metal display stand and 120 sample holders measuring 132x67x44mm. It also includes a shelf for holding catalogues and brochures. A light box with the HEXIS logo sits at the top of the display, along with 3 LED strips. 

Go for the quality and innovation of HEXIS products, pre-order our SKINTAC display right away to offer the best to your customers.


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Price: €799 for the first 200 pre-orders. Thereafter the rate for the display will be €999. Estimated shipping date: December 2023