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Cleaning liquid "1-2-3 System"

These 3 products achieve a thourough cleaning of bodywork before applying films. They can be used alone or in combination. Sold with spray.
1 – REMOVER: Eliminates glue residues and other dirt.
2 – PRECLEANER: Universal cleaner to use for preliminary cleaning of substrates.
3 – FINAL CLEANER: Specially developed solution to clean substrates before a full wrap.
The combination of the 3 products is the Cleaning Kit 1-2-3 (KITNETCOV)

KITNETCOV - Cleaning liquid "1-2-3 System"


Cleaning System 1-2-3

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To receive sample sheets of our products in A4 or A5 size, swatch books or colour charts, please contact your local distributor. Our data sheets can be downloaded from our website, section « professionals ». They contain a precise technical description of our products. Producs specifications are liable to change and we recommend you check this section regulary.