What has been happening at HEXIS in 2021?

News / 2021, 23 December

Year after year, the teams at HEXIS work hard to offer you new adhesive solutions to meet your specific needs. In 2021, we have been able to offer you new products in the following categories of self-adhesive films:

  • Protection of property and people
  • Full wraps
  • Plotter film
  • Digital printingfilm & laminates
  • Flex
  • Vehicle protection
  1. Protection of property and people

The health crisis that is affecting us all has forced our teams to be ever more inventive and creative to offer you PURE ZONE® anti-microbial coating solutions, each more effective than the previous one.

To protect your surfaces, the SP (gloss finish) and SPM (matt finish) products have become indispensable. These films have been developed to protect fragile surfaces and objects (marble, stainless steel etc.), their shockproof, abrasion-resistant and stain-resistant properties making them a key benchmark.

  1. Automotive

HEXIS has launched a host of new automotive solutions this year. In the HX20000 range, there are eighteen new colours, including Light Racing Blue (HX20521S), metallic ash pink (HX20437B / HX20437M), fluorescent orange (HX20614B) and fluorescent green (HX20612B). To encourage your creative spirit, we are always happy to come up with new colours ; that you can mix and match to create stunning designs.

In the BODYFENCE range, we have seen the return of the BFBLACK and the launch of the pre-cut BODYFENCE, known as the BODYKIT, a ready-made concept that allows you to reduce your costs thanks to a pre-cut kit.

The HEXLIGHTS range, with the launch of the first ultra-transparent light black colour, HEXLIGHTS2 for the protection and customisation of vehicle headlights. SKYTINT and its 2 ranges of vehicle solar films: SKYFALL & MAJESTIK. Solar films available in several colours with a direct impact on the reduction of UV rays. The MAJESTIK range, ultra-performing, benefits from nano-ceramic technology.

  1. Digital printing & Laminates

Now we come to digital printing media and laminates, again a wide range of new products, but let’s focus on the TOR3001WG film which is made of a very high opacity monomeric PVC.

And finally, two new laminating films have been released with the VWOOD02 texture, a textured wood effect, and the VBRUSHED which gives a brushed aluminium effect.


On the subject of decoration with our HEX’PERIENCE range, in addition to the new textured laminates, HEXIS has launched two new P6000 colours:

  • Super gloss pink gold(P6872SB)
  • Super gloss gold(P6871SB)
  1. FLEX

In 2021, there were some great new additions to the TEXIS range, notably the BRICKCUT. The BRICKCUT, a very thick cutting flex, makes it possible to make embossed graphics on clothing ; for a “street wear” look. The SILKPRINT printable flex for quick and silky markings. COLORCUT, a cutting flex with a wide range of colours and METALCUT, a cutting flex for metallic effects. Our FLEX family has been greatly expanded in 2021 and you can find all the different versions here.

HEXIS would like to thank all its customers for their loyalty throughout 2021. In addition, all our teams have worked hard during the past year to offer you in 2022 even more innovative products for your specific needs.

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