The many different uses of iron-on film for textiles

News / 2023, 17 November

Which are the different types of iron-on film?

Take a look at the iron-on films for textiles available from HEXIS to customise your clothing. Our flex films are perfect for creating distinctive markings on your clothes and accessories. Our iron-on flex films are resistant to washing at 30, 40, 60 and 80 degrees and provide long-lasting customisation.

To create markings on textiles, nothing compares to the use of iron-on films, in particular Flex (available in two types):

  • CAC Flex (Computer Aided Cutting)

These films are available in rolls and offer easy customisation of clothing and other accessories. Once the design has been cut and printed, the application is carried out using a heat press. Our Flex range is designed for cotton, polyester, as well as acrylic fabrics with our SPEEDCUT and BRICKCUT.

Our selection of printable Flex films comprises the following products:

For technical substrates such as nylon, we offer NYLCUT (cuttable) and NYLPRINT (printable). For sublimated textiles (Softshell, sublimated swimwear), BLOCKCUT (cuttable) and BLOCKPRINT (printable) will be perfect for enhancing your textile customisation projects.

How do you wash customised textiles?

Iron-on flex films washable at 30°

  • METALCUT – Non-adhesive iron-on cutting flex with gloss chrome finish
  • NYLCUT – Ideal for chest-pocket logos and large graphics, with short pressing time (5 seconds at 150°C)
  • NYLPRINT – Printable flex with silk finish for fast, efficient transfer

Iron-ons for textiles washable at 40°

  • FLOCK200 – Provides a slightly raised velvet effect, ideal for sports shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • GLITFLEX – Adds a touch of soft, textured glitter to unsublimated textiles
  • BLOCKCUT & BLOCKPRINT – Reveal their full potential by preventing the sublimation of the fabric from bleeding into the graphic.
  • UFLEXCLEAR – Featuring an ultra-clear, non-adhesive liner, it is perfect on light-coloured fabrics and does not require the use of tape

Iron-on films for textiles resistant to washing at 60 and 80 degrees

  • SPEEDCUT, fast pressing in 5 seconds at 130°C
  • BRICKCUT, creates a 3D effect on markings
  • SILKPRINT, printable flex with a silk feel
  • GLOWCUT, gives a photoluminescent effect
  • REFLEX, perfect for Industrial Protective Equipment (IPE), guaranteeing precise, highly visible marking in compliance with the EN ISO 20471 standard




Our range of iron-ons for textiles is very extensive, allowing you to obtain perfect markings.  UFLEX7PV2 (cotton and polyester) is used for cut and printed graphics of exceptional quality. As for UFLEX5S, it is ideal for small details, with resistance to washing at 60°C. Finally, for durability at 80°C, COLORCUT remains unrivalled, with 37 colours available, with hot peeling and durability at 80°C.

In conclusion, iron-on film for textiles offers a versatile and durable solution for customising clothing and accessories. With its many types and resistances to washing, iron-ons for textile adapt to all your needs for customisation. Whether you are looking for markings on cotton, polyester or other technical textiles, our comprehensive range guarantees perfect results. You can rely on our expertise for unique, long-lasting creations with HEXIS iron-on for textiles.

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