Self-adhesive film for window decoration: using HEX’Perience on glass

News / 2023, 25 May

Graphics on glass, an elegant solution for decorating your windows

What is window graphics?

First of all, window graphics consist of a transparent, semi-transparent or opaque self-adhesive film that can be applied to glass surfaces. Window graphics are useful for adding colour, marking, material and/or obtaining privacy. These self-adhesive films can be used to decorate a bay window or glass partition, decorate a glass door or simply add a touch of colour to your windows.

HEX’Perience offers you a wide choice of customisable, high definition large format printing designs. These designs can be downloaded for free from our library and you can add the finish you like.

In this article, you are going to learn about our different window films and thus be able to offer a wide choice of decorative solutions.

The advantages of window graphics

There are several advantages for using graphics to decorate windows or doors.

Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Ease of application
  • Privacy
  • Control over light
  • Customisation

What self-adhesive films for window decoration are available from HEXIS?

Semi-transparent self-adhesive film for windows (durability up to 5 years)

LINPRINT is a self-adhesive film for decoration of windows with a semi-transparent finish, compatible with all types of printing:

  • Solvent
  • Eco-solvent
  • UV
  • Latex

The LINPRINT film is perfect for enhancing your glass surfaces. It is a printable woven fabric, a woven polyester fabric. A beautiful way to combine function, aesthetics and design. It has a thickness of 245 µm. To the touch, our fabric has a linen feel.

Transparent self-adhesive films for window decoration (durability from 2 to 5 years)

We can now introduce you to the V202CG1 and V202CG3. These products with a thickness of 70 µm have a transparent appearance and a gloss finish without laminate. They are also compatible with all types of printing (solvent, eco-solvent, UV, latex).

They allow light to pass through, unlike other types of self-adhesive films for window decoration.

Also have a look at VCLEARCG1, a monomeric film, which allows you to have a gloss finish and a very transparent appearance for your medium term decoration projects.

To protect the inks from cleaning products, we recommend that you laminate the films with a clear or textured laminate (check out the laminates from the HEX’PERIENCE range).

For window graphics with an ultra-transparent effect, our products PET75CG1 and PET50CG1 will allow you to avoid having to cut out the film if desired. These films are printable with UV.

Translucent self-adhesive film for decoration

The V201TR1 is a self-adhesive film with a translucent appearance, which allows light to pass through without being transparent. It is compatible with all types of printing and it has a satin finish.

The translucent self-adhesive film offers superior privacy compared to the transparent film. Indeed, the translucent appearance allows a slight distinction of outlines or blurred contours. It is a calendered polymeric PVC, with an outdoor durability of 5 years.

Tinted films for decoration

Known as “dichroic films” or “iridescent films”, self-adhesive film for window decoration coloured films allow light to be reflected in different colours. The HEX’Perience range never fails to surprise you with its colour films. Dichroic films are often used to create colour effects on stained glass. We can offer you three different products.

MIAMI and DUBAI, dichroic self-adhesive films with warm tints

MIAMI is a transparent PET film with metallic tones varying from red to blue. This film is for indoor application only and offers a durability of 15 years. DUBAÏ can be used outdoors and offers a durability of 2 years. These films allow you to enhance your modern and contemporary style renovation or interior design concepts. Decorators, designers, architects… So, do not wait any longer to bring a surprising touch to your creations.

With the GLASGOW film give your stained glass a colder tint

The GLASGOW self-adhesive film is a transparent film with a dichroic effect and cold colours for indoor and outdoor use (durability of 2 years).

Etched glass self-adhesive films for window decoration

HEXIS offers you two self-adhesive films for window graphics with an etched glass appearance: the V203EG for wet application and the HX203EG for dry application. Compatible with all types of printing, these are etched glass films with a matt finish.

Window graphics are a stylish solution for decorating windows in businesses, retail outlets, shop windows, glass partitions etc. With a wide variety of styles and designs available, you can choose the perfect self-adhesive film for window decoration.

For all these reasons, contact Marine GUELAIA for all your decoration projects!

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