How to do a car wrap? Get your training with HEXIS

News / 2022, 28 June

Learn full wrap with HEXIS – The HEXIS Training Centre and its teams offer 3 courses in Full Wraps.

Introduction to Full Wraps

This training course is recommended for:

  • Novices
  • People who plan to set up a business for Full Wraps

No prior knowledge required. You will be trained for 5 days. That is, a total of 40 hours of training.


This is intended for professionals who wish to learn the techniques of Full Wraps. To participate, you must have experience in applying self-adhesive films. Particularly on flat surfaces. It lasts 3 days; 24 hours of training in total.

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Advanced training course

This is intended for people who have already completed the Introduction to Full Wraps or Basic course. In addition, this course has been designed for professionals of the trade. Its main objective is to master, in detail, the installation techniques for Full Wraps. Time saving and efficiency are the key words of this course. You will learn how to work with complex shapes; they will no longer hold any secrets for you.

With our experts, you will learn how to install on:

  • Complex concave and convex shapes
  • Deformations

You will be trained for 16 hours, spread over 2 days.

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Full wrap HEXIS – Objectives

The objective of this training is to

  • The knowledge of adhesive films for total covering
  • Learning the technique of Total Covering

You will be evaluated throughout the training. A theoretical evaluation in the form of MCQ and a practical evaluation on your technique. For optimal learning conditions, the sessions are limited to 4 trainees

What is the schedule?

Your days will be very busy. During these courses, you will benefit from:

  • Advice on preparing for a wrap
  • A presentation of the tools and accessories for the installation
  • Technical advice (concave and convex shapes, installation of micro-perforated film, cuts, finishes etc.)

In order to evaluate your knowledge, you will also be assessed at the end of your training. Finally, you will have the opportunity to visit the HEXIS production site. You will be able to see how our self-adhesive films are manufactured; 100% Made in France. Our teams will be delighted to show you their know-how.

Do not hesitate any longer and come to HEXIS for training.