HOLESHOT HEX’TREM: A new range of self-adhesive films for extreme sports

News / 2022, 3 May

The teams at HEXIS are proud to present the new range of self-adhesive films for deco kits; specially conceived for extreme sports: our HOLESHOT HEX’TREM self-adhesive films.

The new range of self-adhesive films is intended for the short-term decoration of:0

  • Motorbikes
  • Quads
  • Jet-skis
  • Bicycles etc.

While combining aesthetic appeal and resistance, you will be able to: design and protect graphics, logos or sponsorships applied to surfaces exposed to abrasion, vibration and friction.

What are the possibilities offered by HOLESHOT HEX’TREM self-adhesive films?

For easy installation, you will find XTPRINT; a gloss white printable film; with a special ultra-reinforced and micro-structured 100-µm adhesive.

As far as laminates are concerned, you can choose from a range of different finishes. You can choose between four different types of laminate:

  • Ultra-gloss laminate (XT300 – 340µm)
  • XT300M – 300µm – Matt laminate
  • Gloss laminate (XT480 – 480µm)
  • XTWHOOPS – 350µm – Grained gloss laminate

Solutions designed for extreme sports decoration kits; ultra resistant; while being in perfect harmony with your motorbike, quad, jet-ski etc. You will no longer go unnoticed during your motorbike races or your jet-ski rides. This self-adhesive films will enhance all of your designs; on your different substrates; during the practice of extreme sports. Put the HOLESHOT HEX’TREM to the test by creating unique and stunning designs, be daring.

HOLESHOT HEX’TREM is the guarantee of perfect adhesion and visual appearance.

Stand out at every turn with HOLESHOT HEX’TREM!

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