HEXIS signs an exclusive partnership with PROTECH® MONTE CARLO

News / 2022, 24 June

HEXIS, the manufacturer and distributor of adhesive films for visual communication and surface protection, announces the signing of an exclusive partnership with ProTech® Monte-Carlo, a Monaco-based company offering high-performance and innovative solutions for protecting and enhancing vehicles.

In the field of vehicle protection and wrapping, HEXIS and ProTech® MC are references in the industry.

With more than 30 years of expertise and a solid reputation, both nationally and internationally, HEXIS offers more than 1,000 product references in its catalogue and releases around 30 new products every year: self-adhesive media for computer-aided cutting, large-format digital printing media, conformable films for full wraps and decoration, and films for paint or surface protection.

Driven by a passion for cars, ProTech® MC has adopted the mission of providing performing and durable solutions to enhance and protect each vehicle.

By creating the very first “Spas for Cars“, exceptional places entirely dedicated to car detailing, ProTech® MC has been guiding individuals and professionals in achieving their objectives since 1989.

In order to respond to a demanding market, HEXIS and ProTech® MC have pooled their expertise to develop an ultra-transparent vehicle body protection film, specially formulated for ProTech® MC and perfectly compatible with the entire range of finishing treatments offered by ProTech® MC.

The result of a collaboration between the HEXIS and ProTech® MC R&D laboratories, this self-healing self-adhesive film is the ultimate guarantee of protection of vehicle bodies against external aggressions ( impacts, scratches, gravel projections, abrasion, UV rays).

In the pursuit of offering the best products and services within its Car Spas, ProTech® MC has also chosen HEXIS for its services dedicated to wrapping.

Combining technical and visual performance, and meeting 100% of ProTech® MC’s specifications, the SKINTAC range of films, premium cast films specially designed for vehicle wrapping and the decoration of highly curved surfaces, will provide a technical response to all expectations, both during and after installation. Once again, the complementarity and compatibility of HEXIS products with those of ProTech® MC are beyond doubt.

Clément Mateu, Directeur Général at HEXIS SAS

“HEXIS and ProTech® MC is a longstanding relationship! Already present alongside HEXIS at the launch of the HEXIS Racing team in 2001, I am particularly proud of this renewal of our partnership with ProTech® MC, a major player known and recognised for its high quality services in the world of car detailing.”

Pascal Mouchet, Directeur Général at ProTech® MC

“ProTech® MC is delighted to be working with such an iconic company as HEXIS. The shared values of quality, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence are the very essence of this partnership, for which we are honoured. The skills developed by HEXIS over the last few years and the investments made to improve quality make it the ideal industrial and commercial partner for us and for our network.”


The culture of the customer is one of the historical values of HEXIS. In fact, the service linked to the use of the products is a component of “HEXIS quality“. HEXIS has always supported its customers in the choice of products, printing and application of its self-adhesive media.

Research at HEXIS focuses on innovation and improving product properties. The company invests an average of 2.5% of its turnover in R&D in order to remain competitive and to bring new applications to its customers.

In line with its culture of innovation, ProTech® MC has its own R&D laboratory in the Principality of Monaco. This direct proximity gives ProTech® MC the opportunity to work in contact with reality in order to improve its formulations or create new ones to meet its customers’ demands.

With a network of centres operating in France and abroad, ProTech® MC is continuing to expand, with the ambition of making its styling solutions accessible to all enthusiasts and to all those who have a special interest in their car.

Press contact – camille.mosler@hexisgroup.com