HEXIS – Its commitment to sustainability and its CSR policy

News / 2021, 10 December

As a manufacturer and distributor of self-adhesive films for over 30 years, HEXIS has always wanted to be open with its stakeholders, particularly with regard to its CSR policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) corresponds to the contribution of businesses to sustainable development, and HEXIS is particularly keen to contribute to the environmental issues of this century.

The plastics processing industry involves major societal and environmental issues, and HEXIS’ objective is to provide answers to them, to reveal the objectives set through conscious and enlightened governance of these issues, and finally, to highlight its progressive approach.

HEXIS’ CSR policy is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  • Innovate and evolve together towards a more responsible industry.
  • Operate ethically within the territories
  • Reduce the overall environmental impact of its operations in a sustainable and significant way
  • To create the working conditions for each individual to achieve their full potential

For many years, HEXIS has had a vision for the industry at a local level coupled with an international ambition. Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are all major players in the service of a more responsible industry.

HEXIS is committed to providing the best offer of products and services, through a guaranteed “Made in France” production of its films, through open information, expert advice and by guaranteeing the best ethical standards for its customers.

The entrepreneurial logic of sustainable development is linked to the combination of several factors such as innovation, new technologies and the industrial know-how of its teams.

Through these best practices, HEXIS aims to have a positive impact on society by respecting the environment, and only with a responsible and sustainable approach will it be possible to produce and consume better.

It is in this spirit that this “global QSE (Quality Safety Environment) / CSR” report reaffirms the ambition of the HEXIS brand to be open to the stakeholders concerning the challenges of the plastics processing industry.