HEXIS contributes to green mobility

News / 2022, 28 September

Green mobility, autonomous travel and self-adhesive film

Mindful of the world in which it operates, HEXIS is eager to support projects related to ecology, green mobility… A challenge, a concept and an ambition, this is all it took to convince the teams at HEXIS.

Jean-Baptiste LOISELET wanted to go on a 100% autonomous tour of France in a glider. He thus launched the “Wings for the Planet” project. He imagined a glider fitted with solar panels on its wings. Ideally, these panels would provide him with energy to take off autonomously every day. After months of testing the solar panels, it was time to think about their preservation. Lightness, thinness and high UV protection were the constraints that had to be met by the selected protection for the panels. Protecting the wings of the glider holding the solar panels was an imperative for the sustainability of the journey.

HEXIS favours renewable energies

Renowned for the quality of its self-adhesive films, HEXIS was able to provide Jean-Baptiste with the best solution. A clear protective film was chosen for the wings of the glider. The clear self-adhesive film from HEXIS selected guarantees the longevity of the solar panels; all without altering their primary purpose: capture solar energy. The technical properties of the self-adhesive protection film give it an unrivalled performance. This is the guarantee for an optimal result. In addition to not weighing down the glider, the clear self-adhesive film is very easy to clean.

To put the self-adhesive film to the test, there is nothing better than testing it in real conditions! Jean-Baptiste was able to do his tour of France in August 2022 and test the robustness of the self-adhesive film from HEXIS.

The film has completely fulfilled its function, it has not been altered very much, despite the rough treatment I have given it” – Jean-Baptiste LOISELET, after his Tour de France (17 stages, 2,500 km airborne).

HEXIS is proud to support green mobility projects. The teams at HEXIS would like to thank Jean-Baptiste for his trust and his great project.

See you soon for the round-the-world trip!