Customised motorbike deco kits built to endure the toughest conditions

News / 2024, 17 January

Enter the world of custom motorbike deco kits

Motorbike customised deco kits give two-wheeled enthusiasts the opportunity to reveal their unique style. Combining functionality and personal expression, the HEXIS HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range can play a key role in customising your motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles (quads, jet skis, snowmobiles etc.).

What exactly is a deco kit for?

A deco kit, be it on a motorbike, quad, jet ski or bicycle, is more than just an eye-catching touch. Beyond their visual impact they convey, these decorative kits also provide practical functionality by protecting the motorbike from external conditions such as rain, sun, abrasions or even scratches.

Motorbike deco kits have a dual role: they enhance the overall visual appeal of the motorbike, giving it a distinctive character, and they act as a protective barrier against environmental aggression. The appearance of the motorbike is preserved, especially during motocross races where the bodywork is put to the toughest challenges.


A variety of styles and designs available

HOLESHOT HEX’TREM is a range of self-adhesive films specially designed for deco kits. They are ideal for fans of extremesports. These films are of very high quality and are intended for short-term decoration. The priority of this deco kit is to combine visual appeal and resistance, thus enabling the production and protection of graphics, logos or sponsors applied to surfaces exposed to abrasion, vibration and friction.

Our self-adhesive films will enhance all your designs. You will no longer go unnoticed. From sober and classic to vibrant and adventurous, the HOLESHOT range will allow you to create the kit that perfectly matches your taste and personality.

Customisation is not just about visual appeal, but also about the suitability for different motorbike models. Whether you ride a sleek sports bike, a sturdy cruiser or an off-road motorbike, there is a deco kit that perfectly matches the shape and style of your two wheels.


How to choose a deco kit for your motorbike?

Choosing the right custom motorbike deco kit is a crucial step in expressing your personality through your motorbike. Coordinating the deco kit with the model and colour of your motorbike is also a key point. The HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range has been developed to protect and create graphics, logos and sponsors applied to surfaces exposed to abrasion or vibration.

In addition, choosing the right self-adhesive films that make up your deco kit will help you promote your sponsors, your brand, your image and your Team.

The HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range comprises 5 self-adhesive films:

  • XTPRINT: printable white gloss film, ultra-reinforced and micro-structured adhesive for easy application
  • XT300 / XT300M: clear laminate with surface protection film, gloss or matt finish
  • XT480: Clear gloss laminate
  • XTWHOOPS: clear gloss laminate, grained (very high resistance to friction)

This new range provides a guarantee of exceptional adhesion and perfect visual appeal. Every turn becomes an opportunity to stand out from the rest through the quality of our products. Our self-adhesive films have been specially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, thus offering a durability that will not compromise the exceptional visual appearance.

Dare to push back your limits and put our self-adhesive films to the test by creating designs that are both unique and impressive. Our HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range is more than just a decorative solution, it is a way to customise, protect and stand out from the crowd.


Assert your style with the HEX’TREM HOLESHOT range

In conclusion, custom motorbike deco kits represent the ultimate way for enthusiasts of two-wheelers, jet skis and also quads to assert their identity. HOLESHOT HEX’TREM offers a perfect fusion of visual appeal and functionality.

Customised motorbike deco kits are the ultimate tool for promoting your identity during a race, for example. The HOLESHOT HEX’TREM range allows you to highlight your designs. Visit our store to learn more about our different self-adhesive films to create your deco kit from A to Z.

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