Customised clothing: printable flex from HEXIS

News / 2023, 24 August

Use HEXIS printable flex to customise your garments

The use of printable flex is a technique widely used in the textile industry for the customisation of garments. The advantage of printable flex is their ease of use. They are appreciated for their durability, sharpness and their ability to maintain the detail of the designs, even after frequent washing.

As its name suggests, flex is a material that stretches and is able to be folded with the fabric. It is this ability that allows garments to retain their comfort and softness even after a marking has been applied.

HEXIS printable flex for the customisation of garments: a safe choice

The family of HEXIS printable flex consists of seven products: SILKPRINT, UFLEX7PV2, UFLEX5S, NYLPRINT, BLOCKPRINT, UFLEXCLEAR, SLIMPRINT.

Textile marking with matt finish

SLIKPRINT is a matt polyurethane film with a self-adhesive liner. It is specially designed for fabrics made from cotton, polyester and mixed acrylics. It is recommended for large production runs, because of its fast application to the textile (5 seconds of pressing at 130°C).

Our UFLEX7PV2 product is available in a matt finish. It consists of a non-adhesive PET liner specially for cotton and polyester. It is designed for printed and cut-out printed graphics. It is 100% printable. Its composition allows detailed cuts in solid colours. Its flexibility on small size markings will make it a real asset for screen printing finishes. In addition, it can be washed at up to 60°C.

UFLEX5S is intended for small letterings or chest pocket logos. It is our best-performing printable flex during finishing, and it is therefore recommended for large production runs. It features a non-adhesive liner specially for cotton and polyester fabrics and can be applied in 5 seconds at 130°C. Washable up to 60°C, it is ideal for all your creative work.

NYLPRINT is our product for adhesion on nylon. It consists of a self-adhesive liner, with a thickness of 100 microns, and is flexible once applied.

BLOCKPRINT is a product with a self-adhesive liner, specially for sublimated and softshell fabrics. Its composition prevents ink from rising up from the fabric onto the transferred graphic. It is the ideal product for customising sports shirts, motocross jerseys, softshell jackets etc.

The sixth product in the family of printable flex is UFLEXCLEAR. This product is ideal for customising light-coloured garments. Its printability, thinness (35microns) and cutting quality make it a flagship product. It can be applied to cotton or polyester fabrics. These fabrics can be white or light-coloured without leaving any visible contours. However, as it is a clear flex, it is essential to perform the printing in mirror mode.

The most recent addition to the family is SLIMPRINT. This product carries a non-adhesive liner and it is a matt opaque printable film. Its thinness gives it great flexibility on textiles. Its opacity allows it to be applied to dark fabrics and to meet expectations, particularly for workwear, with its resistance to 80°C.

The customisation of clothing has become a major trend, making it possible to create unique items. Flex printing is a versatile and durable method for the customisation of garments. HEXIS is a major player in the field of printable flex, with a wide range of products. Indeed, they offer numerous advantages. They allow you to create motifs and logos with extreme precision and finesse. In addition, their durability is a major asset, which ensures solid resistance even after several washes.

In conclusion, printable flex are an unbeatable solution for customisation of clothing. HEXIS offers you superior quality products.

For any questions you may have about our textile products, do not hesitate to contact Julien GARAT. He is our Heat Transfer Business Development Manager.

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