Car door edges – How to protect them?

News / 2022, 27 June

The edges of car doors are particularly prone to impact. You can damage them by opening them too close to a wall; by accidentally hitting another car door… Do not worry about these problems anymore by choosing our body protection film. Our self-adhesive film can be used on the entire car, including the edges of the doors. This tutorial will explain how to apply our PPF film to these delicate areas.

Before you start

You need to be equipped with the following tools:

  • HEXIS Gel
  • Cutter
  • Squeegee
  • Plain water

How to apply BODYFENCE to your car door edges?

Follow these steps to ensure that your self-adhesive film BODYFENCE on your car door edges is applied in the best possible way.

Start by measuring the desired length of self-adhesive film. Apply HEXIS Gel to the surface to be protected.

Position the film ensuring that there is enough material to wrap the entire edge.

From top to bottom, apply the film along the height of the door.

You can make a cut in the corners for easier adaptation to the edge, if necessary. This corner should be applied first.

Apply the film from top to bottom with a squeegee. Make sure to evacuate any remaining water residue.

Use plain water to rinse off the excess HEXIS Gel previously applied to the adhesive film.

For optimal adhesion of the self-adhesive film, do not hesitate to let it dry thoroughly before the final application of the door return.

Gradually apply the edge.

Finally, concentrate on the most important point: the finishing touches. You must work the film carefully around the edge. This way you can apply the film a little more inwards with each pass. Check that there are no air bubbles along the edge.

All these steps will allow you to apply BODYFENCE in the best possible manner.

To learn how to apply BODYFENCE, contact our HEXIS Training Centre.