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HEXIS Graphics - Videos

HEXIS S.A. is a leading European manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl (PVC) films and digital printing media for large format inkjet printing used for sign making and vehicle marking. The company specializes in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating thin plastic films and pioneered their own process to produce high performance cast vinyl films.

HEXIS Graphics - Promotional Videos

HEXIS Bodyfence Paint Protection Precuts
HEXIS - Decoration, New corporate colours to install, refurbishment or restyling projects? HEXIS offers a wide colour and film selection allowing you to push the boundaries of creativity... http://catalogues.hexis-graphics.com/c/decoration-en http://www.hexis-graphics.com/en/application/decoration/ HEXIS - Décoration, Une charte graphique à décliner, une rénovation ou un restyling à effectuer ? HEXIS met à votre disposition le plus grand choix de films du marché, vous permettant de repousser les limites de la créativité que ce soit pour une application sur des murs, sols, vitres… http://catalogues.hexis-graphics.com/c/decoration-fr http://www.hexis-graphics.com/fr/application/decoration/
HEXIS - FLEX, films for textile marking
Films for textile marking The series of films by HEXIS for marking on cotton, polyester and Lycra® fabrics. Easier handling of the product, excellent weeding and improved elasticity are the major assets of the new series. More informations : http://www.hexis-graphics.com/en/application/textile/ UFLEXCLEAR : printable FLEX ultra transparent CUTFLEX : cuttable colour FLEX PRINTFLEX : printable FLEX Films thermocollants pour l'impression et la découpe de marquages textiles Les films de la gamme TEXIS peuvent être appliqués sur la plupart des textiles : coton, Polyester et Lycra®. Que ce soit sur des vêtements sportifs, professionnels, publicitaires ou autres. Plus d'informations : http://www.hexis-graphics.com/fr/application/textile/ UFLEXCLEAR : FLEX imprimable ultra transparent CUTFLEX : FLEX de découpe PRINTFLEX : FLEX imprimable
Style is a REFLECTION of personality
SIGN EXPO 2014, Orlando, FL Trailer#1
HEXIS Boat Wrapping
HEXIS Boat Wrapping http://www.hexis-graphics.com #hexis #hexisgraphics #boat
Discover LEADRIGHT, HEXIS partner
Established since 2005 in the United Arab Emirates, Leadright has grown to become the region’s most trusted car care services company. We offer a complete solution starting from car painting, wheel repair, car wrapping, paint protection, window tinting to car wash. Dealing with luxury cars , we are committed to supply the best products to our valued customers. We have chosen HEXIS as our main supplier of paint protection film (BodyFence) and colour change foils (Skintac).
HEXIS – Car protection film - BODYFENCE - Scratch glitch
The new BodyFence range has been developed by HEXIS R&D based on cutting-edge technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggressions. Should your paint become scratched, the BodyFence protective film will regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water. Scratches appear on the car body when using automatic mechanical car wash brushes, when rubbing against bushes on road sides, during everyday use or due to an act of vandalism. All these scratches will disappear from the surface of the protective BodyFence film thanks to the heat of the sun or just rinsing with hot water. Your original paint is preserved … Forever Young! BODYFENCE Paint Protection Film http://hexis-graphics.com http://hexis-training.com http://hexis-graphics.com/bodyfence/
Skintac Super Chrome - HEXIS
A new range of cast films branded HX30000 Super Chrome. Available in seven colours : red, purple, green, blue, titanium, silver and gold – this 90µm high performance film has a high gloss surface finish with a mirror effect - Conformable chrome by HEXIS. http://www.hexis-graphics.com #hexisgraphics #hexis
Interior Decoration by HEXIS
Project of Interior decoration at Roland DG Iberia. Roland DG Iberia and Hexis Spain made a nice collaboration to decor the Roland kitchen. We used: Polymeric vinyl high grip VCXR200WG1 for the wall. CAST vinyl V100WG2 for the door (3D application) Antimicrobial and leather texture lamination PCAMPGB
HEXIS - Inauguration Musée du Sport Nice
Produits utilisée : Série VCR Hexis + Lamination super matte Impression sur Mutoh valuejet et Arizona Surface utilisée 2000 m2 Agence de création E/N/T Design www.entdesign.net Réalisation et pose Oxy – Gazzotti www.oxygravure.fr http://www.hexis-graphics.com #hexis #hexisgraphics
HEXIS Interior Decoration Spicy Coffee
Project of interior decoration in a new coffee house , the Spicy Coffee in Montpellier. Wall wrapping with VCXR200 V750M Glass with Transparent Cristal C4000 Etched glass logo realised with HX5DEPM http://www.hexis-graphics.com #hexis #hexisgraphics

HEXIS Training

HEXIS – Install paint protection Film - RS6 BODYFENCE
How to install paint protection Film. HEXIS, self-adhesive film manufacturer for over 25 years. We are delighted to be launching a new-generation paint protection film. The Bodyfence range has been developed by HEXIS R&D based on cutting-edge technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggressions. Due to its technical properties and performances, this film offers easy installation with no creases and no traces. HEXIS, Fabricant de films adhésifs depuis 25 ans lance un film de protection de carrosserie nouvelle génération. Cette nouvelle gamme BodyFence, fruit de la R&D Hexis est à la pointe de la technologie et protègera votre véhicule contre les agressions extérieures : Rayures, Projection de gravillons, Abrasion, Ultraviolets. De plus, le film agira comme un facilitateur de nettoyage en empêchant la saleté d’accrocher la peinture laissant votre voiture… HEXIS a développé le BodyFence pour une protection durable de votre carrosserie. Grâce à ses facultés antichoc, auto-cicatrisante et de glissance importante facilitant le nettoyage, le film de protection BodyFence constitue la protection idéale. http://hexis-graphics.com http://hexis-training.com http://hexis-graphics.com/bodyfence/
Hexis Training - CAR PROTECT
In this sequence Pascal Bazonnard explains the installation techniques for the vehicle protection film “CarProtect”. http://www.hexis-training.com
Hexis Training - PREPARATION
Hexis Training - BASICS
Oliver Röhler explains the basics of wrapping with self-adhesive films: the different types of films, surface preparation, etc. http://www.hexis-training.com
Hexis Training - PRINT
This sequence shows all the necessary steps for the preparation of a digitally printed wrap. http://www.hexis-training.com
Hexis Training - RECESS
Pascal Bazonnard explains how to install a full wrap on a commercial vehicle with heavy deformations. http://www.hexis-training.com
Hexis Training - CUTTING
Hexis Training - FACTOR
Oliver Röhler gives away some tricks to understand how a cast film behaves when it is shaped or stretched. http://www.hexis-training.com
Hexis Training - BUMPER
Thibault Veuillet and Pascal Bazonnard explain how to tackle the most complex parts of a vehicle such as bumpers, wing mirrors … http://www.hexis-training.com