Where can I find data sheets for Hexis products?

The Technical Data Sheets are available on our site under Professionals / Data Sheets.

I am looking for advice on how to install Hexis products.

Detailed Technical Bulletins are available on our site under Professionals / Application Guides.

Does Hexis have F / M rated products (materials with fire / smoke rating)?

A certain number of products are certified with an F and/or M rating. A copy of the certificate is provided on request.

Can I print on plotter vinyl?

These products are not intended for printing. Even if they are able to accept a print, Hexis does guarantee neither the results nor the reproducibility.

The durability of removable films indicated in the Data Sheets is very short (several months). What happens after that period?

The given durability indicates the ease of removal at the end of the durability of the film without leaving any significant adhesive residues on the substrate. Beyond this durability, it will be harder to remove the vinyl without leaving a large amount of adhesive on the substrate. The behaviour of the product will be more like that of a permanent adhesive.

Installing coloured films on glass: Is there a risk of damaging the glass through a thermal shock?

The covering of a part or the entirety of a glass surface with a tinted film may result in a localised heat build up compared to a non-covered area.
The extent of such a build up of heat depends on the exposure, the type and the colour of the installed film.
We know, for example, that the temperature increase can be up to:
- +10 to +15 °C for etched glass and transparent vinyls,
- + 30 °C for translucent films,
- + 40 °C for opaque films.

In all cases such a build up of heat cannot by itself provoke the deterioration of the glass. Nevertheless if a fault in the glass existed beforehand, the build up of heat due to the film may provoke a crack in the glass. Therefore make sure the glass is in perfect condition before the installation of the film.

Can I install a film with a removable adhesive on top of a film with a permanent adhesive?

The adhesion of one film on top of another can be done without problem. Nevertheless you will loose the removability of the film on top of the film with the permanent adhesive. It will be more difficult to remove the film after a certain time.

What does the expression “180° peel” on the Technical Data Sheets mean (under adhesive properties)?

The measurements of the adhesive forces of our products are carried out on glass plates.

To do this test, the film is partially applied on the plate.
We then measure the force that is necessary to peel the film from the plate by pulling at 180° at the loose end of the strip.

What does the term “initial tack” indicated on the Technical Data Sheets mean (under adhesive properties)?

The tack is the value for the immediate adhesion of a film on a substrate, without having applied it. We measure the adhesion force on glass, without having applied any pressure on the film.



How to choose a vinyl for screenprinting?

The vinyls for solvent / eco-solvent inkjet printed can be screenprinted. In the case of sites without humidity control or with strong variations in humidity levels, it is recommended to prefer films on a PE liner.

Do I have to laminate a solvent, eco-solvent waterbased inkjet print?

This is strongly recommended. Laminating a print increases its durability. The lamínate protects the print against abrasion and/or UV rays.


Choice of product

Which product should I use for installation on concrete surfaces, building walls, structured surfaces…?

Use VCSR100WG1.
Caution: the installation method is peculiar. Refer to the Technical Bulletin available on our website

Which product can I use on a curtainsided lorry?

The vinyl curtains on lorries are a peculiar substrate as they tend to be rolled and unrolled frequently. At the moment Hexis does not offer a product suitable for constraints of this type.
Exception: we offer a reflective product for lorry curtains (reflective marking on banner material), which is used for a very specific application (reflective contour marking of lorries).

Which product should I use for striping on the floor?

Use Suptac with a floor laminate GSOL170 (Caution: indoor use only).

Which product should I use on low energy plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene)?

Use a product with a reinforced adhesive, such as:
- Digital printing media: VCR100WG1, VCR200WG1, VCR3000WG1.
- Plotter vinyl: VCRE3000.