SEMA SHOW 2022, immersion in the Las Vegas Convention Center

Noticias / 2022, 14 diciembre

What happened at the 2022 SEMA Show?

Another outstanding year for HEXIS at the SEMA Show 2022. They were able to view our latest products, our new colours, watch demonstrations… Here is a little catch-up for those who could not come and see us.

On the very first day, participants were able to see a Racing Optics demonstration. An optically clear, multi-layered self-adhesive windscreen protection film. This product provides better forward visibility , while also offering UV protection. Racing Optics self-adhesive film makes driving more comfortable.

Subsequently, eight new colours from our SKINTAC range were unveiled:

  • Austral Sea Iridescent (HX30IMAB)
  • Boreal Forest Iridescent (HX30IFBB)
  • Polaris Blue (HX20B37B)
  • Naiad Green(HX20VNAS)
  • Pleiades Grey (HX20G12B)
  • Mystery Black (HX20NMYB)
  • Galactic Iridescent (HX30SS22B)
  • Deep Black Wet (HX20890W)

In line with the grandiose spirit of the SEMA Show 2022, a supercar was displayed on our stand. The Lamborghini Huracan served as a demonstration vehicle for our installers. These demonstrations were done with our new colours as well as with our TAKE HEAT EASY® technology. The latter is a high performance cast film.

HEXIS then took advantage of the American audience to unveil its most important project. It will be launched in 2023…

A new concept in vehicle bodywork protection solutions

A trade exhibition such as the SEMA Show was the perfect opportunity to reveal our big new release. HEXIS unveiled its latest solution for the protection of your vehicle bodywork: MATMAK. MATMAK is a versatile plotter software offering pre-cuts to be applied on vehicles. Our solution offers an extensive database of vehicles, developed to follow the requirements of the solar film market.

Still on the subject of bodywork protection, a demonstration of the application of PPF from our BODYFENCE range took place. Our certified installers were able to demonstrate their skills in applying self-adhesive film throughout the show.

There is plenty of action at Las Vegas and the 2022 edition was no exception…

Increasingly high-profile events at the SEMA Show

For the fourth consecutive year, HEXIS was the sponsor of the WWWrap Party which took place on Wednesday 2 November 2022. Another great event: the Team Wrap Battle brought together a large number participants. In teams of 2 against 2, the installers were able to show their skills, all using HEXIS self-adhesive films. This battle ran over the 4 days of the show. A unique chance to win $5,000! Unique and impressive achievements were presented.

Let’s take a look back at this last and wonderful session of the 2022 SEMA Show.

HEXIS would like to thank all the participants of the SEMA Show and all the teams who have made this 2022 vintage a success. As each year, it is a pleasure for our teams to attend this show and to meet you. See you in 2023, for even more exciting announcements! In the meantime, you can find our latest news via this link.