Presentation of Hexis USA

HEXIS USA LLC was formed in 1998 to develop HEXIS sales on the North American continent (United States, Canada and Mexico).


HEXIS USA headquarters and warehouse are located in Corona, California, 50 miles east of Los Angeles. The site comprises offices, a demo room and 12 000 sq.ft. of warehouse space and employs 10 staff. The location was chosen because it gives excellent access to the US West Coast, which has a very strong and fast growing economy.


Hexis USA is setting up partnerships with companies who stock and distribute Hexis products across the United States, Canada, Central and South America.


HEXIS cast, high performance and intermediate vinyl films have become a real success in the US market because they offer a new class of materials with a wide colour range and great appeal to sign makers who appreciate the excellent durability in extreme climates from Alaska to the deserts of Nevada. In addition, the materials offer exceptional value to distributor and end users. Their superior appearance and performance ensure the success of the HEXIS brand name.


Hexis in Corona (California)                                                            

Hexis warehouse in Corona, CA